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After accidentally learning that each Princess has their very own secret rooms to retreat inside whenever they wish, Twilight Sparkle makes it her mission to uncover just what could be inside Princess Celestia's.

Perhaps Twilight should have knocked first.

Artwork by Hawk9mm.

Chapters (1)

After the current ruler of Tartarus steps down, Princess Celestia and Luna are tasked with finding the very best replacement possible.

Sadly, that's not exactly who shows up to apply.

Artwork by Evilbob0.

Chapters (1)

In one last ditch effort to take over Equestria, Queen Chrysalis does the unthinkable and makes copies of herself using the Mirror Pool.

Unfortunately for her, even brand new copies of the Queen don't like being bossed around.

Artwork by DashieSparkle. Based off the ending to "Queen Chrysalis Does The Thing".

Chapters (1)

Breaking news! Rent-A-Pony is proud to announce that it's slashing their prices yet again.

One dollar will now get you one whole day with a pony of your choice.

Sounds too cheap to be true? Stop asking questions and rent a pony anyways!

Seriously... just stop asking questions.

Chapters (1)

After a newspaper article declares Sunburst "The Crystal Empire's Sexiest Eligible Bachelor", the shell-shocked wizard is now left with one very important question:


Hopefully Princess Cadence and Rarity can help him understand just that.

Artwork by Cayfie.

Chapters (1)

While exploring Canterlot Castle, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash uncover a room filled with stone tablets connected to dials. Above each dial is the name of an alicorn they know.

These old things couldn't possibly control an alicorn's power, could they?

Only one way to find out.

Chapters (1)

Always fearing for her friends' safety, Twilight Sparkle takes it upon herself to create body doubles to use as protection.

Each body double looks just like the original.

Sounds just like the original.

And is also highly explosive.

Twilight Sparkle wants you to ignore that last part.

Chapters (1)

Word around Ponyville is that Queen Chrysalis is planning something.

Something big.

Something terrible.

Something beyond imagination.

If only Queen Chrysalis had any idea what that something was.

Artwork by UncertainStardust.

Chapters (1)

After being sold a "magical" necklace from Trixie, Queen Chrysalis believes she is completely invisible, and begins systematically ruining the lives of Twilight Sparkle and everyone around her.

Sadly, Chrysalis is not invisible. Not even close.

Artwork by Ernestboy.

Chapters (1)

Three nights a week, Shining Armor returns to bed more tired than normal. Annoyed by his complete lack of openness, Princess Cadence goes out of her way to figure out what's going on.

As it turns out, Shining has been spending all that time with another of Equestria's most popular mares.

Sort of. Basically. It's kinda complicated.

Artwork by Chrznek97. One character tag omitted due to spoilers.

Chapters (1)
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