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This story is a sequel to Celestia's Secret Secret Room

In order to destress every few weeks, Princess Celestia takes a potion that allows her to be a child again, living life without a care in the world for hours at a time. Thus far, the effects have been stupendous.

So, with that in mind, could the same treatment be applied to the most nefarious villains in Equestia in hopes of lessening their evil ways?

Queen Chrysalis, Discord, and King Sombra beg to differ.

Artwork by olegsavoskin.

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Discord snorted at that. “Photobooths and jail? You’ve never? You need to get out more, Sombra. Live a little.” He then snapped two of his claws together and burst into confetti, only to magically reappear completely intact next to one wide-eyed Sombra. “You really don’t remember your old pal, Discord?”


(he's not wrong though)

I just wanted to give your thing a comment, because there aren’t many. Happy 2nd comment?

And Sombra gets the girl. Too bad it's the wrong one. Go for the other Dark Mare next time Sombra!

I would love more of these! We definitely need to see what Cadance does in her secret room, or have Celestia… no... Cewestia and Woona, have a playday with Cadance, Twi, Chrissy, Sombra and Discord, Oh and Flurry too!

Chrysalis over Luna is how the stallions with discerning tastes go.

Right, you've been gone a while. Discord is reformed, Sombra is either reformed or dead depending on who you ask, and Chrysalis is a lawn ornament with Tirek and a filly you've never heard of. (At least she appears to be a filly; it would make more sense for her to be Pony Satan.)

Luna is actually one of the few creatures with benefits Chrysalis can't provide. The fact that ol' bughorse beats just about anything else you could possibly romance is nonetheless true.

“Why couldn’t you ‘queen’ me instead?”

That's how I play it with my sister.

Snap! “Human Discord!”

All ponies in the room shrieked uncontrollably. Discord quickly changed back to normal.

“Oops. Too far. Too far. Sorry.”


🎵 It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine. 🎵

🎵 It's time I had some time alone. 🎵

“Fine. But, I mean, she’s really bossy. And mean. And moody, too. What chance do I got with a pony as perfect as that?”


Epic sequel.

:rainbowlaugh: seriously, it is above the description, lol.

10223340 Thank you! :twilightsmile:

10222926 I really liked that line. Thanks for reading. :ajsmug:

10222510 There was originally a President joke shoved in there, but I thought better of it. Keep it cute and fluffy, you know,

10222014 Thanks! Glad you enjoyed. I had fun with this one. :trollestia:

10221288 You never know. The original was supposed to be it, but then the image of colt Sombra with little Discord just keeping popping up and actually got me typing again. The idea of Shining Armor and Big Mac sounds cute. Bros being bros. :eeyup:

10220578 I'll take what I can get. Thanks!

Donald Trump Discord would be very scary.

Trump Discord: *snap* Walls, walls everywhere!

TO R.E.M.! losing my religion

This is the nonsense I'm on this site for! :pinkiehappy:

10440173 Glad to hear! :twilightsmile: Glad you enjoyed some of my randomness.

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