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Two Discord Story Readings in Two Days! Wait. He's Still Popular? · 6:59pm April 2nd

Hey everyone. It's me. That guy who decided to platinum "Skyrim" three months ago. What's better than new stories from me? How 'bout two readings of Discord stories! What's that? You want the new stories instead? Too bad. Dawnguard needs my help!

1. "Discord Forms a Cult"

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Thank you for the recommendation.

Give it a read immediately, it has very good dash of dark humor with a story.

They’re stealing all your ideas! First a child villain, now a team of 5 evildoers unite, 3 of whom were members of CUTE, plus said child villain!

I haven’t read the story known as Regarding Falling Villains yet, but, I’d like to ask:

With Sombra’s appearance in Season 9 coming up, would you consider your story as part of an “alternate universe”?

Also, I’m highly interested in reading it at some point.

  • Viewing 189 - 193 of 193
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