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Fantastic Reading for "Pony Break"! · 6:40pm Dec 26th, 2018

Hello. Short and sweet.

Here's a really swell reading for an old sad, slice of life story of mine. "Pony Break"! About a human office company that hires Fluttershy to help reduce stress levels. Or maybe it's about a human going through a mid-life crisis. Who knows. Regardless, check it out below. It has music and voice acting and everything! Well, no. Not cake, but...

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I don't watch sports either so that makes two of us.

2690971 Ditto. Go Jets go! (Although I don't actually watch any sports...)

What are the odds? :trixieshiftright: Winterpeg, Mani-snow-ba.

GO CANADIANS, Where at in Canada I'm from Manitoba Winnipeg:pinkiehappy:

There should be a natural born derpy fan group here lol

Hi, I like some of your stories and I'm thinking and I have one that I can not write alone, I wanted to know if you would do a job by commission or if it indicates someone with quality?

  • Viewing 187 - 191 of 191
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