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Just a nice, polite Canadian.

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Two Discord Story Readings in Two Days! Wait. He's Still Popular? · 6:59pm Apr 2nd, 2019

Hey everyone. It's me. That guy who decided to platinum "Skyrim" three months ago. What's better than new stories from me? How 'bout two readings of Discord stories! What's that? You want the new stories instead? Too bad. Dawnguard needs my help!

1. "Discord Forms a Cult"

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You talked to me like I was an equal and gave me attention just for liking your stuff. It was more kindness than I could ask for when I was starting. I don't know but I hope you're still alive and doing well wherever you are.

RIP dear author

For your unknown, is pain upon the knowledge of us never knowing the end of your story...

Hope he moved on to something good.

He was one of the best FiMfic writers for the near entirety of show. Goodbye, friend.

Bye my dude! :')

  • Viewing 199 - 203 of 203
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