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Given the successful befriending of Discord, Princess Celestia deems that no longer will villains be defeated but instead reformed. While most have the chance to submit willingly or continue to fight, King Sombra is given little option. Brought back from the dead and stripped of all his powers and strength, it's all become a game of futility. Now Sombra only wishes he could have stayed dead all along.

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Ooooo more Sombra fics! I'd like to see where this goes! :moustache:

Maybe because of nightmare night there's Sombra stories or because people just love Sombra.

I do like a Sombra fic, and this one I like more than most! :pinkiehappy:

When I look at that cover art I think of... Lion King... Simba and Scar... hehe, this looks like it's going to be good.

Dude, why so many tags in this? :-/ O-O

Wow. alicorns are jerks. Just let the poor guy rest in peace. He doesn't want to be here.

Keep resisting, Sombra. I support you!

I adore Sombra fics... I really hope he isn't shudder reformed.:fluttershbad:

Man they won't even let him die. Good guys or not, that's kinda messed up. I wonder if somepony will call them on it. Probably Fluttershy I guess, since nopony else has much sympathy for the guy

5241620 I guess I have a dark sense of humor. I find it funny how he kills himself twenty minutes onto the job, and the first thing Celestia thinks is "Oh no you don't!"

Hmm, I don't know about Sombra referring to himself as a villain. People don't consider themselves that, in everyone's mind they're the hero of their own story.

7. Pink Pegasus With Orange Mane Bordering On Vermillion And Persimmon Who Asked Where The Stairs Were Three Times And Yet Couldn’t Seem To Find Them

Lol, I wish we could see some of his other ones. Could you periodically give us an update of his list so we can see some of the other randoms he intends to destroy

Mr Cake is villian?

What Sombra needs is someone to bitch about ponies with. Gilda or Cranky Doodle

Well Discord was an easy one. He wasn't really evil to begin with. It was more about having fun. But poor Sombra sadly doesn't know that.
Funny how the world villain has been so simplified in Equestria.

5245449 I wouldn't consider the rehabilitation as a villains only club, more of an open forum for anyone that feels bad about something they've done to come vent. Sombra's the only one that's required to attend.

A Sombra comedy. Written by naturalbornderpy. This is the most amazing thing I have seen in weeks.

5245739 Awesome! I can just think of a few:

Blonde Unicorn who sneezed on me while asking for the time

Diamond dog who looked at me funny

Little pink foal who offered to buy me an ice cream then dropped it


5246106 Yes, I know it's odd. But once in a blue moon I take the right amount of Canadian drugs (bacon and maple syrup) and write something that isn't horrifically depressing. But then again, the tags Dark, Tragedy, and Gore still need to make their appearance somewhere in the last four chapters. Hmm... maybe old habits die hard. :pinkiecrazy:

Damn it. Alicorns are monsters here. Maybe he could escape to foreign land and become an explorer.

Where the hell is death in all of this. A soul has escaped it's cold bony fingers of death twice. And it does nothing?

Damn, this is actually really sad. I mean yeah he enslaved an empire so whatever punishment he receives he more then had coming, but this isn't a means to make him pay for what he's done. This is literally taking away everything he is and trying to mold him into something else against his will.

If Celestia doesn't think she's tyrant, she's dead wrong

5251255 Yeah, it's pretty high concept and far fetched, and some characters are definitely OOC. But I like flipping the tables and turning befriending into something inescapable and in Sombra's eyes horrifying. Plus turning him into a sympathetic character is always fun (even though he's done a lot of bad stuff!).

Well, this basically Room 101 with ponies.

For who hasn't read 1984, its where they take dissidents, beat them to pulp, fix them back up and ask them questions about doctrine. Then they repeat the cycle of beating them and letting them recover, until they point where you answer contradicting questions and BELIEVE it.

They are then set free, left to wander around as a display and then made to disappear entirely.

Great book by the way.

O i just hoped sombra Would use blood Magic,
I think i am Playing far to much Da2

Ha! Take that! I'm telling you he needs to talk to Gilda. Screw reform

She friggin skewered him, that was hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

What crap is this?! Don't just give in! That's what they want!

Well. PRINCE Sombra is almost as good as King Sombra.

Dang. I was hoping for a 'Fun with Immortality' chapter followed by 'The List of Things Sombra Is Banned from Doing'

1) 'Borrowing' Scootaloo's scooter and breaking his neck riding it down the grand staircase
2) Grabbing guards from behind late at night, while making a hideous croaking noise.
3) Eating all of Luna's moon pies.
4) Telling Blueblood what everypony thinks about him
5) Writing 'anonymous' love notes to Donut Joe on stationary with Princess Celestia's personal letterhead.
6) ???

I'm a little saddened that this story will end soon. I like the way Sombra bonded with Twilight though I'm confused about Celestia's reaction to Sombra wanting forgiveness (the blushing).


You know how some people turn red when angry? The fact that he was twisting her own rules and words to his benefit probably irritated her, especially given that she's invested heavily in her reformation plan.

A bit complicated? Well it's about to become a lot nore complcated when Sombra finds out the truth about something Sentry.

A bit complicated? Well it's about to become a lot nore complcated when Sombra finds out the truth about something Sentry.

I like it, and hope for a continuation or sequel story

Well done. a very good story.
But as I'm sure many will say


Celestia is a very silly pony. There're countless legal ways for Sombra to gain power and spread misery and suffering.

He could go to Law/Business school and start a company for example. CEO Sombra. He could follow in Walmart's footsteps and found Som-Mart. He'd be back on top with wealth, power and hordes of slaves. Legally! *has worked at Walmart, knows what she's talking about.*

Also, given the way Flash treated Twilight, I think Shining might want to give Sombrero a hug.

And I too would be happy to see a sequel.

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