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A writer from Finland. Don't know if there's anything else to add really.


King Sombra, the tyrant of Crystal Empire is back, only to be imprisoned by princesses and put through reformation with Twilight Sparkle as his teacher. Can somepony with heart as black as night be reformed? Twilight believes so. Sombra in other hoof isn't so sure but something in that mare makes him try.

This is going to be one of my longest stories this far. Marked Teen for sexual innuendo and slightly gory-ish scenes. Nothing too bad though. Also this will not be a story that deserves a dark marking.

For now I'd like to thank Alun Aleriksson, pony of change, Microshazm and Sidetrack for helping with the grammar and overall writing in general. Thank you so much.

Cover art by lorekhearts.

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I suggest that you read the first chapters again. There is some new content in them, and some of the scenes are done differently.

I love Twibra shipping! There's not enough of it! Instafav

Oh Sombra! You know you liked checking her out! Hehe. :ajsmug:

They partially reeked of it.

It should be Practically. Tiny nitpick.

Just got here after you'd revised the first three chapters.

I'm liking this so far. But I've seen some really good Sombra fics, so you have quite the high bar to hit when it comes to me. :moustache:

Giving this a favorite so I can keep an eye on it. Let's see where this goes. :twilightsmile:

So the revisions are just grammar fixes?

I didn't finish the revised chapters, but this is brilliant! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

:raritystarry:looks like sombra found a diamond in the ruff

Some scenes are done differently too, but chapter 1 and 3 are pretty much the same. I suggest that you should read chapter 2 though. It has pretty drastic changes in it.

I saw 4 new updates in my favorites and I was excited to see that four stories updated. Well, now I see it's different. However, I'm still very excited because they're revisions to a Twibra story! Let's see how you changed stuff up.

So far you are doing a great job. So far, the Mane Six are in character and you are portraying Sombra well without going overly dark since the series is never intended to be overly dark, either (being a kids show afterall:raritywink:

I did love the train scene, and could actually feel the tension with Sombra freaking everyone out simply by staring, even distressing Rainbow Dash. Also when Sombra said to the Twilight that castle could use more stairs, was the best line from him so far:rainbowlaugh:

I've been looking for a good Sombra paring fic that isn't overly dark or silly and I think I finally found it:twilightsmile:

This is already much better than it was before, now that the grammar issues have been resolved.

Yes indeed, this is much better in terms of grammar. There are still a few slip-ups like in this line: "Hoofcuffed Sombra was sitting between two guards on a bench opposite from Twilight Sparkle." There should probably be a comma or something after Hoofcuffed. But nothing glaring.

Eagerly waiting for more.

Yeah. A new chapter. Nice job. I can't wait for the next one.

“But don’t wait too long!” other voice said. “We need a master… we will vanish without you…”

“...And you will vanish without us,”

Okay, those lines gave me the creeps.:twilightoops:

It's a bit short of a chapter to be honest. Interesting, but it could've done with a few more scenes in my opinion. It's kind of an anticlimax otherwise :unsuresweetie:

It advances the plot though, so I won't hold it too you too much :twilightsheepish:

Whoa.... Tha's Craza! :rainbowderp:

I'm happy you stuck this chapter in. In help a lot in explaining all his magic and dark powers.

Quick Note:
Capilatize the word "Love" in "Shadowy love"
Titles have words capilatized.(exept words like the;and.)

I'm looking forward to Chapter 6!(Twilight couldn't be that naive, right?(considering chapter 5) right?!)

So yeah.I love how this progresses fast.As in you update a lot, and still manage to write awesomely.:D

Thumbs up, my friend.

Still not getting why the Changelings feeding on love with keep Chrysalis from turning. :P Kinda thought that them being good would provide all the love they need.

It seems that I just got an idea for my next story.

4550552 ... I think its the Nightmare...



Oh, I would love to read that. Maybe if the changelings are good towards everyone, they would be given love willingly and wouldn't need to suck the love by force or deception, and since the changelings can't steal what is given to them, shouldn't make any pony weak. Least in my head cannon that makes sense XD

Some minor grammatical errors here and there, but very good as always.

Nice chapter as always, I like how you write Sombra :pinkiehappy:

Good job with Flash's appearance in this chapter. Also good job showing that Sombra has a heart. It will be interesting to see how the next chapter proceeds. Good luck.

I lol'd at the scene where Sombra snuck up on Spike. Your development on Sombra is great. Also showing that he actually does a conscience and with him mistaking it for injury was amusing. Also nice little cameo with Flash Sentry.

:rainbowlaugh: Loved this! Especially brilliant just when I wake up! Congratulations!

I'm surprised that nobody else has commented about that yet.

4555984 I guess, because you never said his name was Flash. Besides lots of people don't like the Flash light ship. I'm a fan of it, but I am interested to see this Twimbra ship here. Who know maybe Flash can help Sombra realize his feelings. I don't know how. It's your story, so do with it as you wish.

Sombra obviously just has heartburn from the hayfries. :rainbowlaugh:

Love this story.

I LOVE This Chapter!My favorite by far.
I mean, Sombra is feeling emotions, with his chest pains and stuff.
Then how Twilight totally scolded him, which was funny,
The touch of Flash Sentry,(which I have no problem with, and makes me love this story even more,)
The part where Twi cried and Sombra felt bad,
The Spike incident scene,

Yeah. Fast foods are killing us man.

Hmm. I am a big fan of Simply Beautiful, and I'm planning to write a review of it soon, so I'll have to check this one out. I'll also be doing a watch, as I don't want to miss future stories.

I love this story but I feel that this was resolved a bit to quickly. Their was no time for real festering doubt to sit in before it was resolved.

I love this fic so much! :pinkiehappy:

Oh boy. I would love to see Sombra in a straw hat on the farm. That would be priceless. I can't stop thinking of Sombra in Trender Hoofs Farmer clothing. Can anypony else see it too?

Awesome chapter. Written in the style of the show most of the time. The filly dream scene was cleverly thought up, showing twilight a insecurities about her tank among the other princesses.

""A smirk appeared onto her face when she read the part that encouraged her not to be ‘too soft on him’.
“That’s not going to be a problem,” she said to herself smugly, deciding to give Sombra his first lesson.""

ok mistress twilight:ajsmug:

Just a quick announcement. I won't be updating fo the next week. It's middsummer week so I'm going to hang around with my friends.

4564578 does that lean you are not gonna update this week anymore?

I'm not sure. I may give you guys one more chapter before friday but I can'tbe sure at the moment.

4566716 okay.hope that the chapter comes out.

Alrighty then! I'm back! I start writing more tomorrow.


Yeah. Go Twilight. You made a miracle happen. Great job.

The only magic more powerful than friendship is love.

I have to say. I live how you describe sombra's conflicting inner thoughts. You really bring out his character that was never done in those two episodes.

The story is getting good. :twilightsmile:

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