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Searching for any records King Sombra may have left behind, Twilight learned of the shadowy king's tragic past. However, she also discovered his horn, in which his mind and remaining power were contained. Determined to learn how to use his Dark Magic for Good, Twilight brought Sombra back to Ponyville with her. After all, what could he possibly do as a horn? ...Or will he stay that way?

Edited by Darth Vendar and Myrkur
Inspired by Issue #1 of FIENDship is Magic
Gore tag just to be safe.

Edit 06/15/23: Now in the top 2K stories on the site, by rating! :twilightsmile: Thank you all!

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OMG!!! This is awesome! :pinkiehappy:

I wonder how Sombra will react to Twilight becoming a princess.

6270179 I do have a plan for that, so you'll just have to read more to see! ^_^

I can only imagine what Sombra plans to do with Twilight.

6280671 Basically what you would expect at this point, but his plans will change as he learns more about Twilight, and she comes to learn more about him.

I've already read further than the first chapter, but I sure as hell wanted to write my comment here, because this Fimfic definitely deserves to have comments to every single chapter and I in fact opened up an account on this site for that specific purpose.

I love the topic, I love the approach and I really love the interaction with the show.

Keep up the good work :)

Hay the horse be with you (sorry, I just couldn't resist),

Yes... Give into your anger, it makes you stronger. Embrace the Dark Side.

6290354 I'm glad you liked it! And thanks for leaving such a kind nice review! ^_^

I'll give this chance, reading on!

6313588 Sombra 'has issues'... understatement of the millennium.

This is very interesting take on Sombra + Twilight, but I have to wonder what happened after Twilight took his horn home from the Crystal Kingdom...

I wonder what Luna will find in her dreamwalking.

This getting really good.Can't wait to see what happens next.

To me! Necessary! More! :flutterrage: ............ please :pinkiehappy:

Why so little likes? Fanfic as good! :ajbemused::ajsmug:

Mate, I'm leaving this comment here, to let you know that I'm SSSSOOOOO going to read this! Not right now though, but later on. If I guess where this goes from the description, I'm going to love it!:moustache:

6360040 Well, you chose the perfect time to find it, as I just posted a new chapter! ^_^

6360360 Yesssss.......we needsssss chaptersssss


Oh, right. It really had to stop when something EXTREMELY INTERESTING started to hapen!

6360705 Discord may be the Master of Chaos, but I am the Master of Cliffhangers! Fear my anticipatory powers! ^_^

Oh hoho, sir, NOW you've my full attention.:moustache:

Ps: They better make this happen in the show, dammit!:flutterrage:

pps: Please give Twilight a study like that.:twilightsmile:


6363625 If you like the prologue, then I think you'll love the rest...

Even Sombra must give into to many Pinkie Pie's...

*Prays "Pleeeaaasssee, let Twilight become evil!"

Will Twilight really learn Dark Magic from Sombra? What does Sombra have planned, and how does it involve Twilight? Find out in future chapters of ‘A Somber Tale’!

Why do I hear, when I read that, the narrator at the end of Dragon Ball Z...

"Will Goku be able to defeat Freeza? Will Gohan survive? Will Pikolo be on time to help Goku? Find out in the next Dragon Ball Z!"

*Reads first line.

*Goes to comments.

"Why, in the name of Equus, would you fight someone, who uses dark magic... with... freaking... floating... PIE!"

Altough, I approve of the pie though...:trollestia:

Gggggoooooooddddddd...... Let the hate flow through youuuu... young Twilight!

Edit: Favorite this!

6363662 Why would any being make cotton candy clouds that rain chocolate milk? I suppose that's the kind of thing you'd 'only' see in a dream... :raritywink:

6365029 *narrows eyes suspiciously at the comment*
is... is that a foreshadowing I see...

Also... Touche... :moustache:

I’m not going to crazy and try to take over Equestria, or anything like that.

That freaking foreshadowing... it's killing me through the whole chapter!:flutterrage:

if I could use them to protect people,

Ponies, mate.:moustache:

Also, I wished Twilight would have blown Trixie into oblivion or something... bbbuuuuttt this will do either.:yay:

* Reads title*

How it is written... it just triggers wrong thoughts man... my brain is working overtime.:facehoof:

6367368 Heh, maaaaybe~! ^_^

Also, thanks for catching that, I fixed it.

6367373 It's actually a reference to the old TV show 'I Dream of Jeannie'.

...That said, I did make sure to have Sombra address the other possible meaning... ^_^

It amuses me how Celestia immediately jumps to the worst possible conclusion about Twilight. The fact of the matter is that dark magic can be fueled by any powerful emotion. Just because negative ones are easier doesn't mean that's the only way to use it.

6371938 Well, given the history with Sunset Shimmer and Luna, Celestia does have precedent to worry about those close to her becoming corrupted.

*Cinemasins voice*
References! Foreshadowing! White lies! Dark Magic! Excitement!

“Have I tried to turn you away from your friends? Have I tried to convince you to take over Equestria? Have I even asked for any aid in getting my body back? No, all I have asked for is my life, and the opportunity to teach the most gifted unicorn I have ever met.”


*A few chapters later*

"Let's go take over Equus!"


"NO TWILIGHT! its spelled: FIENDship!"

"important person"

Pony, mate.

Prepare with the calmness of frozen lake, fight with the fury of a blizzard. Ironically, it was inspired by the Frozen North, which I would later be trapped within

King of Shadows? More like: King of Poetry!

Suddenly, her flashed bright green, the irises turning crimson,

Forgot the word 'eyes' there.

the King is BACK!

Good! I was waiting when the new Elvis album would pop up!

Edit: And now we wait... for the next chapter of Sombre Tale Z!

6374936 Ah, good catch. I fixed it, but went with 'being' since it was Discord in question.

If you like that, just wait until I get to the Code of the Umbrum.

Again, thanks for catching that, I fixed it.

Lol, nice! ^_^

6374893 "It is such a quiet thing, to fall. But far more terrible is to admit it."

6375376 "Aye, falling is a quiet thing. But the most quiet of things, can hurt more than the loudest of fights. And from those falls, we rise. Stronger than before."

6376922 Huh, I don't remember that being part of the quote, but accurate, nonetheless.

6377055 It is not from the same quote. I typed it solely to your quote, as I thought it would be fitting.

6377249 Oh, you put it in quotes, which was kind of misleading.

6377257 Sorry, mate. If it is in story quote, I would put it like this:

"Aye, falling is a quiet thing. But the most quiet of things, can hurt more than the loudest of fights. And from those falls, we rise. Stronger than before."


Nice Sith Code reference. Chapter well done!

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