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While going to meet her new niece in the Crystal Empire, Twilight Sparkle discovered King Sombra's horn and nearly recovered essence in his study beneath the castle. Still weakened, he was captured and transported to the Canterlot dungeons.

Seeing an opportunity, Princess Celestia enlisted Twilight (the one who outwitted his traps and then discovered him) and Fluttershy (who reformed Discord) to try to bring out the good in Sombra.

However, just as they seem to be making some progress, things take a turn for the strange, as four ponies they had never seen before began fighting in the streets with Dark Magic. Four ponies with unusual coloring, yet who seem oddly familiar...

An homage to the artist/author Evehly and their story 'Shy Can See'. Cover art by Evehly, as well.

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Interesting... You've piqued my curiousity.

Okay, this story has lots of potential. It'd be interesting to see the two mares that Sombra is shipped with the most (TwiBra and Sombrashy) have to rehabilitate him. It'd be funny to see how Twiliht and Shy interact with each other once they realize that they both developed an attraction towards Sombra. Based on the cover art, which is a magnificent pic from Evehly, I'm assuming that the interdimensional sibling rivalries will involve Fluttershy's kids (made by Evehly) and Twilight's daughter with Sombra. This story, along with the Overlord crossover, are the ones I'm the most excited to see. Hope the next chapter comes soon.

7499783 Got it in one! :twilightsmile: I commissioned a set of Next Gen characters from Evehly a while back, including the daughter of Twilight and Sombra. Shortly afterwards, Evehly posted their pic of the Sombrashy children, which, a quick conversation with them via DA notes later, produced this idea.

I suppose the Mystery tag would really only apply for those who haven't followed Evehly or myself for any amount of time. :twilightsheepish:

Since both set of offspring exist, I theorise the following.
1) Crossroads: There is a 50/50% chance that either couple could happen, thus allowing them to both exist at the same time. Until a pairing is confirmed however, they are equally likely to not exist at the same time. I am guessing that they have gone back in time to ensure that their mother gets together with Sombra ensuring that they exist. The loser will fade from existence as since their parents never got together they never existed.
2) Sombra is a playa: Tall, dark, snarky and handsome, chances are good he has more than one partner. Therefore both set of offspring exist.

Not to mention any other admirers that Sombra has. Including those who would threaten the safety of the world just because a certain somepony was lonely?
Time travel, not as bad as the multiverse but still annoying.

7500003 Good theories, although time travel and multiverse are not mutually exclusive. Still, you'll just have to wait and see what I go with here. :pinkiecrazy:

Aw ye, I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this. Very nicely done so far!

7500215 Thanks, glad you like it so far! :twilightsmile:

You had my interest with the other two. Now you have my interest with this one. Keep up the good work. (and hopefully get another chapter of Somber Tale done)

a young mare wok from her sleep with a start.


beyond this i couldn't find anything wrong with this magnificent first chapter for some reason the dialogue seemed to stumble at the end with Shadow Caster's dialogue. it probably was just because of how short it was and you intentionally leaving out information. i eagerly look forward to seeing more of this.

7500391 Thanks, glad I've managed to keep your interest! No promises, but I plan to update it next. We'll see where my inspiration takes me.

7501557 Thanks for catching that! Fixed now.

That was partially intentional, as she had just woken up, and from a particularly vivid 'dream' at that.

Nice to see another chapter of this story. Seems like the kids just came to the past from their respective futures.. Thanks for the chapter as I liked the interaction between Sombra, Shy, and Twilight.

Comment posted by Penguin Lagann deleted Sep 13th, 2016

7556782 Be grateful for what you get. It's not like I'm getting paid to do this.

7559340 Not exactly a viable option for an author.

That paradoxes that will happen will be of epic porprostions

7580429 Aye, but that's the fun, now isn't it?

Spoken like a true aruthor.
And spirit of chaos hehe

Some more time travel shenanigans with this one. So that pony at the end, I'm going to assume to be Twilight and Sombra's daughter come back from the future because somepony already changed some key events and she has to put them back to normal. Hence the Fluttershy was never supposed to be there part but that begs the question of who caused that change. Likely one of the other 3 dark magic users the summary described.

Admittedly Twilight and Fluttershy competing for Sombra's affections sounds like an entertaiing idea.

Okay what the hell, i'm actually confused now. The pony who showed up in Flurry Heart's room seemed to be another kid of Twilight's and Sombra's seeing as they called Flurry Heart cousin but the other three seem to be the kids of Fluttershy and Sombra? I get that they're probably from two different futures but what happens in one shouldn't affect the other right or are they for some reason starting to merge and the kids have gone back in time to fix it?

Also I hope that locket didn't have a picture of future Twilight and Sombra's family or the repercussions could be disastrous you fool. I need another chapter of this just so I can understand what the hell is going on, bravo to you sir.

7675644 Right for the most part, although Twilight daughter had not yet gone back in time, at this point. As to the cause, you'll just have to wait and see!

7675764 Actually, the 'mysterious' pony at the beginning is the same one as from the end of the first chapter. What happens in one future won't effect the other, but if some being were able to change the past/present, then it would effect both.

As for the locket, if you don't want to wait Tartarus knows how long for the reveal, you can see the image I commissioned for it here:

Very good story. The topic of the three children is a little strange and unnecessary. The behavior of the king Sombry is awesome behaves like a tyrant / monster and is little funny. I invade that there will be no romance. They both are still about teenagers and Sombra is an adult, and sat one thousand years in the ice can be aged Princess Celestia and Luna if is younger than Celestia. it would be strange if he fell in love in someone who is still a child.

But this is really great story. I'll be waiting for the next chapter forward. I'd love to see the end of this story

7841795 Well, the children and the ship are the whole point of the story. Sombra is most commonly shipped with either Twilight or Fluttershy, so this story works on those futures being different branches of the multiverse and the children coming back in time to 'fix' events in their timeline's favor.

That said, the creators of the show have stated that the main 6 are in their late twenties, so if anything, Sombra was actually younger than them when he was sealed away. Depending on how the imprisonment affected his body and mind, he could actually be considered younger than either of them.

I'm sorry I did not know about it. But I do not understand your course of thinking. When King Sombra fought with princesses it was already an adult bad villain (looked like Shining Armor only black and larger) and imprisonment in the ice did not stop time for him. If he had a sister or a wife is one of them can be his great granddaughter and he was their ancestor. After getting out of the was the oldest (Beside princesses and demons) being in the world. He was an old man in the strongest time when the body is strongest and capable of anything. Wati that any of them was older than him. He can remember how Celestia and Luna began to wield the kingdom but do not know because I do not want to do more episodes with his participation and that the Great character

7842417 Well, if Sombra was in complete isolation he might go mad, but a lack of new experiences would leave him relatively mentally immature. Combine that with my works being heavily based on the comics, which imply that he was barely an adult when he turned evil, and pairing him with somepony as mature as Celestia, for example, would make less sense than somepony younger.

As for descendants, Sombra has none. His sister was locked away with the rest of his race and the only pony to even come close to being in a romantic relationship with him abandoned him when he discover his heritage and Dark Magic. She was actually the one to bring the Two Sisters to the Crystal Empire to deal with him.

In regards to Twilight's age...

OK. This can have a greater sense have not read the comics so I do not know exactly what sister and what life you wrote. But I did not get angry or whining only give suggestions and questions in the comments are not in order to show hatred. But in the films science ficion mivie I watched as being who be 100 years in imprisonment maddened but after the by 5000 years be tired of the madness and began to teach, practice, planning revenge. And even if it was completely frozen to mind could be aware of not but he still is very old has according to you he have the years 1018-1020, however, very much.

But the stories you write great for those who like theories Sombra and one of the Mane 6.

7842511 No worries, I am always happy to explain my reasonings and motivations. And thanks again for the support.

*pokes story with stick* is it dead?

Hopefully not, but I can't say for certain when it will continue, either.

well, you have my full attention. Good jub!

or is this story dead? Shame, I was starting to really liked it

This story has everything it takes to generate a headache and a lot of laughs, time travel and multiverses, all possibly mixed with a helping of misunderstandings and chaos.
I really hope in the future to be able to read more of this story.

Good read so far, can't wait for more. Story has been hanging on the edge of a cliff for 7 years.

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