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"A new world awaits for you... A new beginning... With infinite possibilities... Until all six are united as one..." - Death


He never saw it coming. The glaring high beams and blaring honking wasn’t enough, and it never would be.

Marcus thought this would be the end, that he would finally have a place. But fate…well, it’s pretty finicky, especially when it comes to death.

Speaking of Death, there she is.

She wants what?!?! Infinity stones?! In exchange for what?!

Well now she’s got Marcus’ attention.

Inspired by Harmony Charmer's The Cake Batter Incident
Special Thanks to Wolven5 & Unamusedwaffle for Editing.

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good start, looking foward to reading this more!

An interesting start. A bit trope-y, but well written with plenty of room to grow. I can't wait to see where this goes.

Glad you like it so far, there is more to come soon:)

Does anyone else wants the other chapters he claimed to have written previously to just be released at once

I'll be posting them one at a time :) Until then, wait patiently for more my friend.:)

The story is not necessary new, but, the writing is very good I want to read it anyway :D.

Truck kun strikes again

Happy Birthday!! :yay: Also great chapter!

When you have someone thinking, it's usually best to put it in italics so people recognize it's thought. Like this;

It's still so hard to believe that I'm in another world with talking ponies, which I have become. Yeah, thanks, Death… not to mention she literally dropped me from the sky and I've lost both my phone and headphones… This is truly peachy, he thought to himself

That is very weird, I know I italicized the thoughts like I usually do. Don't know why they ended up like that. Thanks for letting me know.

Happy Birthday! I am enjoying this so far. Also, what happened to the steaming bowl of soup and freshly poured brew from last chapter?

I'll not complain about a longer update schedule, I understand wanting your work to be if not perfect, feeling content with it. With that said, can't wait to see what you do next. Your OC isn't just a flat Gary stu, so it's already a huge improvement over a lot of stories. :pinkiehappy:

so. how in heck did sombra get tame? am i missing a chapter or smth

He was introduced in chapter two as a sort of like "in the process of being reformed" villain in Pinkie's care. Though, I don't think we've been given an origin on how that happened yet

I have the gut feeling Sombra has one of the stones which is why he is around early.

Omg, finally the chapter is here. And it's worth it

oh that last part is a nice little cliffhanger wonder how long she has had that stone

I really don't like this Fluttershy, she just hit and scream, as if coal is her foal or brother, Pinky's been a better host than Fluttershy.

“ …Tragedy had struck when family murderer, James Matthews, had escaped prison and struck a young man by the name of Marcus Phillips with a 2006 Chevy Accord. A twenty-one college student who had a bright future ahead of him. Matthews had been taken into custody, but not before claiming the life of another family member.”

Uh... Chevrolet doesn't make the Accord. Honda does.

Well, I'm certainly intrigued! Finding the first stone was maybe a little rushed, it would have been better to split it into two chapters, but it's still really nice. The art is also a VERY good point!

On a side note, I'm not sure we had a description of his cutie mark? Does he even have one?

Is this dead, or am I just getting paranoid

No it is not dead, I'm on hiatus for another month or so. There are things I need to take care, but I promise more is coming soon my friend. :)

As soon as they vanished, an earth pony with a green hat appeared. His Jaw dropping at the horror he's witnessed.


Ah yes, a writer of culture I see.

“GAH! What the hell!?” He shouted, startled as the rain started to fall on him. When he turned back to tell her it wasn’t necessary to stalk him, she was already gone and every pony that was frozen before had begun to move again, trying to get out of the rain. Seeing that the townsfolk didn't really pay him any mind as they rushed past him. It showed that he still wasn't trusted by them. “Great, now I get to have a stalker watching me. Just what I needed… Well, it could have been worse, but my god, she’s on a completely different level. I gotta start learning magic and fast.”

ya, My boy needs to really get a level up in the skill department. One infinitely stone is bad enough Give it to an alicorn which already gives him some power he could have messed with space to make it some Any possible attack never has a chance to hit him but to be fair that might not work against the time stone.

well the MC doesn't seem like a bad guy at all so it seems understandable this would end with a little talk no jutsu instead of him doing something like locking up the space into something like a sure-hit domain and hitting her at every possible point (still might not work)

Can't wait for him to battle other Stone Wielders. But Coal was not using the Space Stone efficiently because if he was he could have created an infinity corridor around his body so none of Faerie's could hit him or teleport her heart out of her body for an instant kill though Coal does not seem the type to go for lethal moves unless it is a last resort

What’s more confusing for her though, is why her heart was beating so fast? That has been happening a lot lately, but it usually happened

Uh, I think something is missing here.

I liked this chapter a lot Obsidian had some personal growth this chapter, I dunno why but all I'm able to picture is some kinda training montage where he stares at the stone with a constipated look for ages and gets nowhere. :rainbowlaugh:

Weird? It looked fine in my Google docs. Might have accidentally uploaded it before I finished. Well, either way, I fixed it. Thanks for letting me know.

Ohh Fluttershy is going to be jealous.:duck:

Well he doesn’t know much about the stones and their capabilities. He was even called an amateur in the middle of the fight implying his lack of experience with it

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