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A scientist who occasionally writes fiction. Does anyone ever read these things?



A human falls into a strange, underground land full of monsters, mayhem, and intrigue. Along the way, they find themselves faced with a choice: Befriend their foes, or eliminate all.

Dying is not an option.

[A parody of Undertale by Toby Fox, set in the MLP universe.]

Featured 11/9/2017!

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This is better than I thought it'd be. It's actually pretty darn good! I'm really curious as to what happens next. Thumb-ed up and tracking!

Okay, A reset! I am interested if anythings changed.

Let's do the time warp again!

This is fun.

More please.


Yay, tubby wubby bug horse waifu get!

Wow, she really had it hard in there. And the staff seemed to not care at all that she was slowly withering away.

It'll be funny to see Thorax having to serve that king changeling.

Hah, they're quick to become friends.

Why'd you change it?

Bug waifu love cannon get!

EEEEEEEE! *dances in place*

I love this story!

Can't wait for more.

Face full of wing!


Dunno why, but now I wanna see Sombra dressed in traditional bavarian attire, lederhosen and all.

'Chrysalis quips. F

or once' - suddenly line break.

'magicalcompulsion' - magical compulsion

...And this is why I shouldn't post chapters at 2 A.M. Thanks for catching those!

Oh that is delightful. Made me giggle, too

Noice. +1 friend

Now we just need a power hungry centaur.

Sweet. An update. A little hard to read on mobile, but still a good chapter. I wonder what the next step is gonna be?

Jeez, Chryssie, take it easy and calm down a bit.

Zalgo, he comes!

Ah that's some text in the authors notes.

I, um... Someone [SPARE] our hero from having to deal with those melted things again, god damn that was creepy.

A really sweet fic so far, i shall follow it!

Remember when I posted updates to stories? Good times.
Anyway, I'm hoping to get this one wrapped up soon!

Huzzah, it’s alive. Good to see your still writing

I'm watching you watching me

Welp, that went well.

I think it says it in the description

When do you think the next chapter is gonna come up

Damn, I was enjoying this story now I'm trapped in never knowing what happens next, hey you still plan to finish this story because this a great read.

It seems to me that such containment where the prisoner slowly dies and goes crazy is much worse than execution.

Man, it’s been forever since I’ve read this. I admit, I kind of miss the first rendition, but nonetheless, it’s fun to revisit.

Does anyone remember the old misplace story before this rework?

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