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Maltrazz the Plotsmith. Writer, reader, gamer, and connoisseur of Villains. "A Hero, pony or otherwise, is nothing without an excellent Villain."

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So what are you going to update one of your stories?

Yes, it's almost like he's my favorite character or something.

I just realized every single one of your stories has King Sombra in it

2368524 Well, if I were to update all four in less than a month, that would be over 8,000 words a month. Sorry, but that's not happening. And if it did, the quality would plummet as a result.

I write where my muse takes me. As I've been working on mapping out the plot for A Somber Tale and its sequel, that has been where most of my writing has been. I'll get to the others when I have time and inspiration, but I'll make no promises that I might break.

Hi maltrazz sorry for bothering you but there are something that i want to say and a question too. First great chapter of somber tale finally were going to see the more darker side of twilight, I really enjoy reading it, hope that the next chapter is up soon and not a month long wait.
Now the question when are you going to update your other stories? Being more specific conflicting future, My little pony: awakening and the best laid plans I'm desperately waiting for an update of those stories?:applecry:

  • Viewing 21 - 25 of 25
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