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It wasn't long after Sombra's defeat that he was found in the outskirts of the frozen north, regenerated from his dismembered horn, but too weak to do anything more than stay in hiding and hope to make a full recovery. Princess Celestia was swiftly alerted of his re-appearance, and the dethroned king was dragged away from the north to be kept prisoner in the Canterlot Castle.

After weeks of planning, the princess called Fluttershy to Canterlot and bestowed upon her the task of reforming yet another foe. If there was anypony who could have some influence on such a vile overlord, it was her.

Fluttershy, however, wasn't nearly as certain of herself. Discord was so much different; he was so much easier. Back then, she had the elements of harmony at her disposal. but now, living in the Canterlot Castle with not a fellow element for miles, King Sombra was an entirely different story.

This fic is a redo of the first fanfic I've ever posted on Fimfiction.
Editor: m1ntf4n. Shower him with much love and admiration.

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Very Nice! Keep up the good work! :)

It's great to hear of this story again and it seems that Sombra left quite an impression on poor Fluttershy.

AHHHHHHHHHHH... Sorry, but I couldn't help but scream when I saw this. I'm really glad to see this fic back up!

I really love how you've captured Fluttershy's character in this story. She's timid and she's shy, but it's not forced or overly done. And this line right here just makes me so happy:

He scrunched his muzzle up at her. “Why do you care?” he snorted.
“Be-Because... I just do.”

That is some good Fluttershy, right there. She genuinely cares for everything around her and she's just so sensitive. You've really captured her character, and I applaud you for it.

Man, I like Dr. Warmheart, especially with how she started the shipping in the first place by making Fluttershy starting to think of the possibility of thinking of Sombra as handsome. Also, Fluttershy's attempts to bond with Sombra are very sweet. Great job on this story, you get a fav and a like. Hope the next chapter comes soon.


Why wouldn't the rest of the mane 6 be allowed to visit? Even if Celestia wants to keep them away from Sombra to stop him getting vengeful or something there's no reason why they wouldn't be able to support Fluttershy while she's not with Sombra.

Her dungeon? Sombra are you in disguise somehow ...

6896752 I think its more of the fact that he could go into a rampage if he saw them.

6897058 yeah I addressed that in my comment. Sombra is locked up in a single room, the mane 6 would easily be able to stay away from him and offer Fluttershy advice and emotional support when she's not in the room with him. Second of all "rampage"? He can't move without destroying his own organs.

Love the story so far, can't wait for it to continue. :raritystarry:

6896752 If I was him and I saw them, I'd go into a rage. He's in a desperately delicate condition at this point and having loose-cannon nutjobs around like Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash is NOT what he needs right now. I'm sure Celestia's aware of that.

I agree with Evehly keeping them out of the picture at this point in the story. They are distractions from the one-on-oneness going on with between Sombra and Fluttershy. This is their story and should stay their story until Sombra recovers enough he could be sufficiently socially potty-trained enough to be around other ponies without eating them for breakfast.

Having never read this story before in its prior archive, I am so excited to see it here! Ever since I became a fan of your work, Evehly, and seeing the art for Sombra in the dungeon and Fluttershy at the door, I've been burning to write my own version of this scene. It teased me from following you on Tumblr and having no story to read! Heh, I even mentioned I was going to do it in a blog here, but now, thankfully, I don't have to. Please keep feeding us chapters. I am hanging on the moment when they start to fall in love...oooo...I can't WAIT!

6895521 I agree! Sombra can probably spot deception a mile away being the creature of Darkness he is, so it would take a pony with a genuine caring and loving heart to touch his.

Big fan of the story and the art. It's such a novel pairing, the nicest most kindest pony with essentially the pony version of Sauron. Loving the story already and looking forward to seeing how it fans out.

6897806 Same reply to you as to the last person who said that. It doesn't make sense even if it is better for the story and I don't think it is. Fluttershy needs someone to talk to other than Sombra so she can talk ABOUT Sombra, The author clearly knows this as it's essential been the role of the nurse so far. But it would make far more sense to use at least one of the mane 6 rather then some random OC not to mention the mane6s' reactions to Fluttershy's attempts to reform him would be interesting. That discussions between Fluttershy and the others was one of the main points of the Discord reforming episode and even when Starlight got redeemed there was a reaction and input from the rest of the mane 6. Even Gilda had at least two of the mane 6 present for her redemption story and again a big part of the episode was the discussion about Gilda by RD and PP. Even if someone were to convince me that it's better for the story if they're absent (which it isn't) then there still needs to be a decent in world justification for it. There has been no in story explanation and the one you and the other commenters are giving me about Sombra flying into a rage doesn't make any sense. For a start Fluttershy is already there and she had as much involvement as most of the mane 6 (AJ, RD, PP, Rarity) plus he knows he's in Celestia's captivity and Celestia is just as big an enemy if not bigger then anyone else. Secondly Sombra "flying into a rage" does nothing as we saw when he did it to Fluttershy (so if they were trying to keep him calm they already failed on that front) he just tore his own organs apart, in his condition he is no danger to anyone. And finally the castle is really big and Sombra is locked in one single room. The mane 6 could be in the castle and Sombra would never know so his reaction to them is completely irrelevant because he would never have to go near them or vice versa. The mane 6 can stay well out of the way of the actual reforming but still be present as emotional support for Fluttershy, giving her advice and allowing for an actual dialogue about what's happening. I could go on but it's really not worth it, it's a small plot hole but it's a plot hole that no one else seems to actually notice which is baffling.

To be honest, I'm gonna read this no matter what. Aside from a few grammatical errors this shows real promise. The only real thing I hope from this is that you PLEASE continue it! I've done my own share of Sombra fics, and this happens to be one of my favorite pairings. You're art is absolutely amazing, I (among many others I'm sure) would be more than happy to do some proofreading for you. Whatever you do, just keep at this!

The sooner he’s is all taken care of

The sooner he is is all taken care of, the sooner the grammar police can knock our door down.

Also, Tartarus is supposed to be capitalized.

cascading down on the canterlot gardens

Canterlot. Capitalization.

and locked her in with the , not a single word exchanged.

Would probably work better if you replace the highlighted section with the single word 'without'.

I look forward to more.

I always wonder how some of the errors that I make somehow fly right over my head. Thank you for letting me know.
Also, I knew you'd eventually come.

the fact this has a sex tag makes me very happy.
since it means that at some point Shy and Sombra will bang nice and hard~

Sorry to hear that you've been hospitalized. Great update at any rate. Keep up the excellent work. Get well soon.

Awww...what a nice chapter. Let's hope Fluttershy can keep it up!

I hope you're alright! Being hospitalized is never fun.

Can't wait to see the next update though! :ajsmug:

Thanks for the chapter. It was nice to see Fluttershy making progress and having the trust of Celestia. The scene with the Apple was funny and I'm intrigued as to how Fluttershy will interact with Rarity in the next chapter. Hope you get better soon from your stay at the hospital.

I wonder how Sombra will react to fluttershy being friends with discord when he seems them together.

Love this story!!! I'm sorry to hear about having to be in the hospital, it can down right suck. Hope you feel better soon. :)

At last, he gave in. His jaw unhinged and his abnormally long tongue wrapped around the apple like a snake constricting its prey.

I love this description of him eating and Fluttershy's shocked look! I'm sorry there isn't more to this chapter, but much sorrier you had to go so suddenly to the hospital. That and a week's stay makes me worry even more. I will keep good thoughts for you, Evehly, that everything goes smoothly and well and you make a good, full and quick recovery and are back with us soon!

Aw... I'm sorry that you've been hospitalized. It was kind of you to get a chapter out before you planned, though. This chapter did not disappoint!

Hospitalized? Wow. Sorry to hear that.

So far I like this story. Keep up the good work.:pinkiehappy:

Oooohohohohohoooo better add this to read later. Looks very promising.

I seriously love this story. I found it hilarious that Twilight sent Fluttwrshy a questionnaire to know more about Sombra and that she apparently included a raunchy question. I also found it enjoyable that Sombra is starting to like Fluttershy and find her attractive. The incident with Sombra showing how tall he was, the innuendo, and Fluttershy sleeping made me laugh. Thanks for the amazing chapter. Hope the next one comes soon.
Forgot to add, the new cover art is amazing.

Sombra is becoming a softy.:ajsmug:
I think the part with him poking Fluttershy with his muzzle was adorable.
Keep up the good work.

The dark side is indeed seductive...

This chapter just set it in stone.

7021369 So is the Flutterside of the pony-force:

He himself may not have realized it, but he was actually looking forward to Fluttershy’s visits.

A shame that he was eventually going to have to leave her behind.

HAH! That's what YOU think, King of Shadows, lmao :rainbowlaugh:

WHOO! It's still alive!

He's totally going to leave her and reclaim his place as king. HE'S SUPER SERIOUS.

7021784 :raritycry::flutterrage::raritycry:
I has a sad now!!!!! (stubborn king of shadows!) :facehoof:

Hmmm...This is gonna go south fast, isn't it?


Sombra. REallly? you knew what you where doing when you asked her that! you knew full well! seems like the king is a bit lonely~.
cant wait for the next chapter and i wonder where its going to go X3

I really really love it! I'm am sooooooo aching to see the next chapter. Please finish it soon!

it was a name he hadn't heard before in his time, nor a voice that he could attach a familiar face to. It didn’t matter anyhow. All he wished for was freedom from this uneventful torment chipping his brain away as time crawled by.

That i should be capital.

I really would like to know the backstory of this Sombra-will it be one I'd expect maybe with a twist, or will it be completely unheard of to me?

I never saw the first version, so I have no idea how the story plays out, but I would like to know if you do tell us this Sombra's backstory? What is it?

Finally got around to reading this. A few grammar mistakes, but then, I'm hardly one to talk. Overall, an excellent start!

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