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A Twilight Sparkle fanboy who also likes to write. The author of the Change series.


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Final Fantasy: Chronicles of Eno UPDATED · 12:10am May 30th, 2022

Hey all! It's yet another shameless plug time!

Still (loosely) related to Soaring on Little Wings, still counts. :twilightsmile:

To catch those of you up who missed what me and Skijarama have been up to in the previous post...

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holy crap i just fineshed your two Doctor Whooves story's talk about good..
i hope you will think about more of this story line.

Hope you're doing well, friend. 😇

Hi, I like your stories and they're very cool.

are you still going to write a sequel for this story https://www.fimfiction.net/story/284550/mare-of-the-moon ?

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