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A Twilight Sparkle fanboy who also likes to write. The author of the Change series.


Things have changed.

When Rainbow Dash unexpectedly arrives at the Badlands Hive, her open displays of hostility leave Princess Twilight Sparkle and Queen Chrysalis perplexed. The situation only devolves from there as differences in this Rainbow Dash are discovered, and it soon becomes apparent that two worlds have collided that were never meant to meet.

Twilight and Rainbow, each with scars both physical and mental, have to find common ground before time runs out. If they can’t, then the pegasus may become stranded in this world of changelings forever.

A crossover between the Little Flashes series and the Change series.

Cowritten with Skijarama.
Featured on: 04/11/2019.

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As Luna would say " The fun has been doubled " :trollestia:

Having read both series I am looking very forward to seeing where this is going :pinkiecrazy:

Oh me like now of to kill a scout(tf2)

a black hold-ridden hoof

Hole, not hold.

At what point In the Little Flashes timeline does this happen? In between which stories?

This concept has me deeply intrigued. Consider that a track, I’ve been needing new stories and it seems this one will be active enough to supply to my resources of good tales, keep up good writing like this!

It takes place during Little Memories, somewhere between the chapters "Surprise" and "Flight."

This definitely looks like it’ll be good, some new reading material!

Did Little Memory's Dash replace the Change's Dash?

Dang it man. Now I’ve gotta go read another series. Sigh...

“Velvet and Night Light, I remember,” he confirmed in reference to the two ponies who had raised the shapeshifter for most of her formative years. “Their ‘we hope you are doing well’ present.”

It feels a bit weird for Spike to name-drop them here, as if he weren't already intimately familiar with Twilight's (pony) family?

Interesting... I’d like to see where this goes.

Well this is certainly interesting... What are the original fics these stories are from?


“I mean, would it matter if I was?”

NO! SHAME ON YOU! None of that now!

Well you got me interested. Keep it up man!

Change and Little Glimpses. They are linked in the description

Four years too late, since that flashback was from a chapter written in 2015. :rainbowlaugh:

Well, this could be an interesting crossover. If I like it maybe I will try reading the Little Glimpses stories.

Seems interesting so far. I wonder how this will go?

Well, it looks like I have some catching-up to do before reading this. Thank you.

I mean, they could be used as holds...

Dose one need to read both story's to understand what's happening in this story I've only read the change seires

I'd say reading up to 'Little Memories' would be really handy for this story, but I wouldn't say it's, strictly speaking, required. We're planning on having a fair amount of context from both stories brought over as characters explain things to each other.

So no, not required, but it would be very handy.

Okay, Skijarama has given us a specific date for the 'Princess RD' side of things, but what about the 'Changeling Twilight' side?

Between acts 1 and 2 of the first Change story.

Neat, because for someone like me it would take some months to read the stories this fic is based on

Change and Little Glimpses crossover eh?

This'll be interesting! :pinkiesmile:

Oh, my, goodness!
Granny Acc, your favourite two writers is doing that crossover stuff yet again!

yelled a unicorn filly fifty years from now.

Edited: But seriously, how many of you guys, (those who are reading this story, not writing it,) have secretly imagined a thing like this? Count me as one, to start it off.

Edited, again: I am SO going to translate this piece of gem when it reveals its ultimate form!

Edited, yet again: Oh, how happy I am to find this and I'm feeling kinda choked in my seat in my school's library and I can't stop typing because I am way too exciting and aren't this exciting oh my gosh oh my gosh ohmygosh ohmygoshohmygoshtheyarereallywritingallthisand-

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I am SO going to translate this piece of gem!

I await the evil spirits that will be born as a result. :raritywink:

The title's gonna kill me, now that I come to think about it. :pinkiecrazy:

Oh, and, was that hyperventilation I was experiencing? I'm feeling kind of dizzy and my hands are all needles.

Edited: How silly I was, putting THIS onto the shelf Awaiting Classification?! I should have sorted it as Absolutely Awesome at first glimpse. And now the wrong action has been changed into a correct one.

“I mean, would it matter if I was?”

The Trial of Fluttershy Flutters

her situation very abruptly changed.

Roll credits.

I suppose it's to give context to any readers coming into this story without reading any previous stories in the series'. That and the fact that Twilight basically has 3 mothers in the Changeverse, it helps to specify which family it was.

Exhibit A: Frenemies.


when we arrived at the scene, we only found this word written on a piece of paper. -Officer Wang

So far this is very interesting, it leaves me wanting to know what is going to happen next. Can't wait to see how RD reacts.

My prediction? Her reaction will be quite... volatile, to say the least. Especially based on her previous meeting with Queen Chrysalis.


It won't be pretty, I'm sure. Especially if someone uses magic on her

personally I am still waiting for the next Harmony among the stars, he/she said it would be receiving the next installment, like a year ago, but since then radio silence.

Well rainbow is gonna have a culture shock from hell

I have a feeling Rainbow and Twilight are in for some misunderstandings and awkwardness.

It's still on the list, but that list is long.

good I was getting worried

Rainbow’s gonna need a ‘Reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, bye!’ before this is all over.

To-do List:
□ Princess Rainbow lashing out at Princess Twilight.
□ Princess Rainbow freaking out over Change Chrysalis.
□ Princess Rainbow meeting Rainbow.
□ Princess Twilight unnerved by Little Flashes Chrysalis.
√ I type Princess too much.


It is not just culture shock.

The IDEA of "nice Changeling Twilight" is almost oxymoronic to somepony like Rainbow.

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