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This is a collection of stories where a beloved character of the show is secretly a Time Lord. Or Time Pony. Time Charger? Whatever they use in the story. Please post in correct folder, and if the character is a secret, put it in the spoilers! folder.

And since they're Time Lords, come up with a cool single noun name for them too.
Twilight= the Librarian, the Scholar
Applejack= the Farmer
Rarity= the Dressmaker
Fluttershy= the Veterinarian

1. Don't be a dick.
2. No self-inserts. First and Second person stories are fine.
3. Do not add stories to more than 3 folders each.

Group icon taken from here: Link.

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I've got something of an idea of like this, though it only involves regular ponies being given the ability to regenerate. I figure such a transformation would be absolutely traumatizing to one not meant to have such a power.

I've been waiting for a group like this for a while.

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