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Captain Jenna Cipher

Fuck Google. That said: Be Gay, Do Witchcraft!

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The Tragedy of Darth Jenna The Captain

Have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Jenna the Captain?

It's not a story /rSequelMemes would tell you. It's a /rPrequelMemes legend. Darth Jenna was a Dark Lord of the Prequels, so powerful and so autistic she could use the Memes to influence the normies to sperg. She had such a knowledge of the dank side that she could even keep the memes she cared about from dying. The dank side of the Memes is a pathway to many abilities some would consider to be antisocial.

She became so powerful... the only thing she was afraid of was losing her power level which eventually, of course, she did. Unfortunately she taught her apprentice everything she knew, then her apprentice hacked her account as she slept. It's ironic: she could save other memes from death but not her own.

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Anything But Ordinary

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Thank you for adding my story to your shelf! :heart:

Thanks for adding

TTwilight Sparkle: The Amazing Spider-Girl
A single spider changed everything. Now, Twilight Sparkle has to navigate 10th Grade at a new school, while also juggling her new responsibilities as New York City's first ever superhero: The Amazing Spider-Girl!
Equestrian Defender · 17k words  ·  71  5 · 2.9k views

to your bookshelf. Feel free to leave a comment on a chapter if you want.
Also, love your pics. Big fan of The Owl House and RWBY.


I haven't actually found any with them all three together honestly.

Not for lack of trying though.

You have the Noceda family but no good images of the Catradora Family...No baby Finn ???

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