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Are you a fangirl? Well you came to the right place!

This group is for all the fangirls out there to do what we do best: fangirl, of course!

Doesn't matter what fandom you are, what you love, anything. Even if you aren't in any other fandom besides the brony/pegasisters, that's fine to join!

Want to vent or talk about something in your fandom? Go ahead in the forum! All fandoms are welcome and tolerated.

Rules are here.

Introduction thread is here!

Admins are:

Weeping Angel (Retired)

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I fangirl over DoubleFavor and SugarGlider :heart:

I fangirl over lemons.
Is that wrong?

Just out of curiosity, what if I'm a a fanboy?

seems we're low on stories.
I just added 2 crosses, for you to enjoy as you please.

Comment posted by The Infinity Doctor deleted Mar 11th, 2014

I approve of this gift.

This group according to Hewstus from courage the cowardly dog "works for me"

I'm no fangirl.

I'm a FanMan! :moustache:

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