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sA group dedicated to lesbian and sometime gay male parents! This is a bound that has recently become more well know.But despite not being the nuclear family.They love them as if they were!:heart:

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Well then you have to MAKE M/M pairings. I think Flash Sentry x Sunburst make a perfect pair.

401451 Hi..
Part of that problem may be due to the lack of male Ponies or otherwise to ship?
MLP has been fairly feminine on the choice of characters.
Even if they do have a few coming in on occasion, like the opening of the season.

As to the Lesbian mothers, it is more out of nesesity than anything, I guess.

401451 It has trended a little

Also there art that many male/male shippings

How has this group NOT been a thing yet? Good idea on this one.

Also, you forgot to capitalize "Moms!" in the folder. ^^

Furthermore, there's a distinct lack of M/M parenting stories...


Stupid me not knowing how to spell anything:facehoof:

I think you mean 'Lesbian Mommies' :twilightsmile:

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