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For centuries no one has successfully challenged the might of the Draconian Empire. They rule most of the known galaxy with a heavy, clawed fist. Yet on one small, insignificant planet, that is about to change. When Princess Luna steps into a nightmare, and onto another world, she will give the rebels something they've never had before: a chance to win. For although the dragons control the high orbitals, sending death down on the helpless world below, Luna controls the power of the moons. And it just so happens that the rebel world has four of them.

Ponies. These innocuous creatures are seen as harmless, peaceful and happy by any who view them, roaming around in their magical land of Equestria without a care in the world. But what happens if these creatures are transported to another universe, forced to survive in places where violence is much more common place, and fighting is a way of life. When they return, they are no longer sweet an innocent, but steely eyed killers, veterans of worlds at war.

This group is for stories where the main character is taken from Equestria and transported to places where things are not so nice, before eventually returning. ‘Not so nice’ universes would include Warhammer, Gears of War, Fallout, or really anything where violence is common place. Examples of this would include: Into the Black: A mares tale, Diamond of the Capital Wasteland, Halo: On the wings of Angels and Swooping Pegasus. If your story has more than one main character being transported, add it to both character folders
Self-promotion is both allowed and encouraged. Start a forum post, add your story. Be shameless in your story plugging. :pinkiehappy:

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Why can’t I see the rest of the stories? For example it says there are 10 stories in the Rainbow Dash folder, but I can only see 9, including M rated ones. Same with the other folders. Could someone help me?

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this group sounds like a yugioh card

The premise of this group is one of my favorite types of stories. Seeing how the ponies react to the returned pony and what he/she has been through and how the pony in question adapted and survived and deals with the consequences is always interesting.

Needs more added, though.

Would Gundam Seed/Destiny count?

Willing is fine. There's no restrictions on how they get to the new universe/plain of existence, just that there is a revolution waiting for them.

Interesting parameters for the challenge. Does it require willing transportation or just 'pony stolen into the new world' stories?

:rainbowlaugh: Just noticed that you guys added one of my stories to this. Thanks! :rainbowkiss:

Awesome, thanks. I'll contact the author in a moment

353934 Haven't seen any. I did find the one I was looking for that I mentioned with Fluttershy as the main:

Assassin's Creed: Fluttershy

Ah, sorry, didn't see that. I know of one that's being written with her as a main character alongside RD and some others, but not the other CMC if that helps?


I know about that one, as I said the CMC as individuals, meaning Applebloom, Sweetie Belle or Scootaloo alone, not the three of them together.

I will do that now, probably by character.
As for there being a story with the CMC, there's My Little Dead Space: Friendship is Engineering


Honestly, I think it might be worth while planning on having folders for each character or group of characters that end up elsewhere, or for locations they end up in. Maybe both. Say something like:

-Rainbow Dash
-Twilight Sparkle

-Original World
-Warhammer 40K

Granted given there's only 17 stories counting the two listed by not in the folders that I'm aware of, it's probably something for later rather than right now.

That last story I'm aware of is Fluttershy ending up in Assassin's Creed a bit after Revelations' ending, where she becomes an assassin. Don't recall the name or know if it's still about though.

And just to go off on a tangent, does anyone know of any fics of this type that have Luna, Applejack, Pinkie or the CMC as individuals (since there's a duology for them as a group) as the pony involved?

Agree with you there.

There needs to be more badass pony stories.!!

Where are the folders?

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