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Equestria Divided music Video: Everypony Wants to rule the World. · 11:04am Jun 13th, 2016

I had the plans for a music video almost a year ago, combining Lorde's cover of 'Tears for Fears' 's song, "Everybody wants to Rule the World." unfortunately I didn't write it down for myself I just posted it in a thread. When that thread got deleted without my noticing I lost the work and thought I should just move on.

But then that wasn't the feeling I had when I shared the video idea in the first place.

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Would you be willing to take a fic request?

Really glad to see you still going with the music video thing, been 3 weeks since you last messaged me and lorde knows (haha im funny......sorry) i havent been on this site in ages, you know how it is, life school work friends family etc took up basically all my time but hey ive suddenly gotten a lot of free time again! Which means i can finally come back to this site. Ive missed it really and whenever i heard the song i always thought of this video you thought up and always wanted to jump on a computer and just try to catch up on whats been going on but was always either working or distracted and never got the chance really. But thats all done and gone now i can finally start getting back into old hobbies again.

Wow thats large text ive written, look at that first thing i write when coming back and im still writing paragraph long comments. PM me whenever you have time, would like to hear if youre still working on the video and if youve had any progress or if youve decided to stop during the time ive been gone, id rather that then live on never knowing what happened to it.

2025201 My pleasure. Sonic's a mutual friend so when he checked out your stuff I thought I'd give it a look too :)

thanks for the watch.

thank you for joining my group, be sure to introduce yourself here

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