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I dabble in nearly everything. Sometimes that means I write pony stories.


These stories brought to you in part by dkia, PoniacDeville  Cynewulf, iakovl and  Fuzzy Fabricator.

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2017 appears to be going the way of 2016.  I don't approve at all.

And I totally called it the other day when I said that I was getting back on track with the work on my Kickstarter commitments, but that some other disaster would probably stop it again.

My MIL is needing to have somewhat major surgery. So no babysitting for at least six weeks. So no work time, because chasing baby around is still a more than full time job.  I do get a smidge of time during her daily nap, and after I get her down at night, but every fricking thing I need to do that I can't do with a baby attached goes in that time.  And she is such a little butt about going down at night, half the time by the time she's finally asleep it's my bedtime.


I will deal with it.  I always deal with it.  I am just absolutely sick to death of having to deal with it.  It has been one stupid thing after another basically since I got pregnant.  Frankly, with some breaks my life has been largely shitty since about 2005.  It's long since gotten old.

Also, this is interfering with my plans to have DimSum!  There is an entire saga of frustration there.  Someday.  Someday.  Someday, pork buns, someday you will be mine.

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yeah, just had a look through your stuff... man you're big-time as hell, I probably just saw you in the feature box! all those multi-thousand-view stories... good god, man, way to go

anyway I've wasted enough of your time, thanks for chatting

#118 · 2d, 23h ago · · ·

>>2421274 Hmm.  Don't think so.  I had some stuff on EqD back in the day, and in Twilight's Library when that was a big thing.

#117 · 2d, 23h ago · · ·


have you had any stories reviewed by seattle's angels? that might be what I am recalling

#116 · 2d, 23h ago · · ·

>>2421271 Dunno, I've been around the internet under this name since 1996, so... lotsa places, potentially.

#115 · 2d, 23h ago · · ·

your username is ringing a lot of bells... where the fuck do I know you from?

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