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I dabble in everything. Sometimes that means I write ponies. I have a Patreon and a Discord.


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  • ETwilight's Cat-Astrophe
    New spells are fun, and Twilight loves practicing them. An ill-timed sneeze has made her latest spell go a bit out of control, though, and now she's stuck as a tiny kitten, trying to deal with a pony-sized world.
    SPark · 9.3k words  ·  894  10 · 12k views
  • EIn All But Name
    Celestia goes to extra effort to make the sunrise perfect for a very special holiday. Yet once that is done, Celestia herself is left sad and alone, for she has never been a mother... (A short Mother's Day story.)
    SPark · 1k words  ·  824  9 · 9.7k views
  • TWalking Through Fire
    Princess Celestia is sometimes an enigma. What is it with her and tea? Why doesn't she drink cider? And how will she react when Twilight Sparkle confesses that she has a crush on her former mentor?
    SPark · 7.1k words  ·  1,713  27 · 18k views
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  • THoney Pie
    The victory over Queen Chrysalis has left a single changeling stranded in Canterlot, alone and broken. A certain pink pony is also alone in the Canterlot night. What will become of this unlikely pair?
    SPark · 31k words  ·  2,131  37 · 23k views
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