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Celestia goes to extra effort to make the sunrise perfect for a very special holiday. Yet once that is done, Celestia herself is left sad and alone, for she has never been a mother... (A short Mother's Day story.)

Momlestia is Bestia. At least for today.

Cover art by NolyCS

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Great. I'm dead. You killed me by making me D'awww so much. Also, the Adorableness help twist the twine knifes of Oh how cute and So sweet into my heart!

Good show!

Yay! So cute!

Thanks guys, glad you liked it! :twilightsmile:

"Shiny is making the breakfast in bed, Princess."

Now I'm envisioning Shining Armor sitting in the bed, trying to cook a pancake over a burning pillow.

Awwwwwww momlestia!!!

4370485 love it and definetly faving it

4370487 Yaaaaay! :yay:

4370337 Pfft. Heee. :pinkiehappy:

4370503 yes yes, momlestia is best lestia. Oh and I added this to my group California Bronies

4370516 Awesome. Thank you!

Dude... ~_~ Happy mothers day.

Awesome and heart warming.

awww little Twily is so precious :raritystarry:

You killed me with the feels. Now I can't say how adorable this is.

Argh! The feels!

this is so sweet i have now diabetes

>story about Celestia feeling like a mom to Twilight
>was added to Twilestia is Bestia group


4372442 Have you actually looked at that group? It's not strictly a shipping group, they specifically have folders for non-ship stuff.

No, I haven't. That's a pretty misleading group name in that case, lol.

4372471 Technically, it is a shipping group. We keep the Momlestians, cloppers, darkfic fans and everyone else on board for contrast with the pairing, not because we are Momlestians at core or a Momlestia group. The folders before I came on staff were labelled "shipping" and "other", to give you an idea. Just because we accept a group of people and cater to them does not mean we exist for their sake. Hence why our collab is a shipping collab and our contests are shipping contests (though I have been thinking of starting a Momlestia collab and a Twilestia clop collab for people who like that sort of thing--i.e., not me), and why our "main" stories folder is 80% shipping and 10% Momlestia.

If you want a group that is dedicated to Momlestia specifically, that already exists and is a very finely managed group at that. 4372559 Is right in identifying the group purpose. Having said that, they have posted the story in the correct folder (mother/daughter) and are supporting the pairing of Twi and Tia together, so they are perfectly in the right here and the group has sufficiently forewarned you that the content you are reading here is not shipping via the folder names.

Tl;dr, SPark is wrong about the group's purpose but right that it is a legal story within the content of the group and the shipping element is not strictly maintained. Just know that it's a cog in a shipping engine while it's there, not a feature focus of the group

EDIT: Oh man, the butthurt at this comment. You guys are worse than Flashlight for your rage-boner levels, my goodness.

That was adorable :rainbowkiss:

4373598 Yikes. I apparently hit a nerve there. I was mostly trying to explain that NO this story isn't meant to be a creepy, incestuous shipfic, and that the group allows non-ship stuff, that's all.

4373682 That wasn't me being angry. I was just telling you what the group was and wasn't, since your tone during the debate in the forums suggested you didn't know otherwise. You being a part of the group while considering the pairing incestuous and creepy, on the other hand....

I don't think he thinks of romantic relationships between them in general as being 'incestuous and creepy'. It seemed to me that he was saying what he did in the context of this momlestia story to say that this isn't a story about Celestia pretending to be Twilight's sexy mother who wants to be spanked by her pretend-daughter. 'Cause that'd be creepy to most, regardless of their general view on their relationship. (Unless you're into that sort of thing, I guess.)

4374277 I meant it would be incestuous and creepy if THIS Celestia, who is Twilight's mother figure, were in a romance. I write romantic Twilestia! :twilightoops: Geez. You seem to be going out of your way to misunderstand me today.

(Also I guess that you didn't understand my point in that debate at all. I was saying that *if* Celestia were Twi's mother figure, I wouldn't see it as an abusive relationship. What that has to do with understanding the group's purpose I have no idea. But if it is strictly a shipping group, somebody should tell whoever made all those non-shipping folders... )

4374422 Yeah, that was exactly what I was trying to say. I'm glad I'm actually speaking English here, I was getting so thoroughly misunderstood that I was starting to wonder.

4374434 Not strictly shipping, but being in the group itself and finding the ship creepy is...yeah. Anyway, I am sorry to have misunderstood you, but you haven't been exactly entirely clear. Not to mention I have had a very stressful week as is.

4374892 Sorry if I've added to it. Hopefully next week will be better for you. :pinkiesmile:

4374901 It's fine. An internet debate is kind of a drop in the bucket compared to the death of a loved one. What can you do? :applejackunsure:

This was a cute little story. Even an immortal needs the care only a family can give every now and again. Don't ask how I know that. Another job well done SPark. Now I return to the waiting position for the next story by your hand.

Death by Dawwww's , it's a hell of a way to go.:heart::heart:

I love it:heart::heart::heart:my mom was in the hospital for part of mother's day

:trixieshiftleft:Alright, I'll admit it. That was kinda cute. Dumb kids, with your simple cuteness, I don't even LIKE you...

4378156 Senpai why are you tsundere. Why wont you just accept your feelings. We kouhai worry for you ya know?

4376142 Apparently the consensus here is definitely "aww". :twilightsmile: Glad you guys liked it!

"...and the flowers were delicious." :pinkiehappy:

Well done! :twilightsmile:

4382374 Hee. I love how flowers are a pretty gift and a food gift in the MLP-verse. (And thanks!) :twilightsmile:

:trollestia:Because you're missing two question marks. Also most kinds of kindness drain my dark powers.

4384187 mugyuu. Why wont you just love us Kohai, Senpai?
We think you are so kawaii-desu ne!


I've learned quickly that everyone you care about easily becomes another bullet for your feelings in time. I try my best to make that gamble as little as possible.

4386111 But freindship is magic!!

Friendship is potentially the darkest magic of all. Treading down the wrong path is too likely for this poor man. If I've found my way down it myself, I won't drag others down with me.:ajsleepy:

That was beautiful... Well-written, Twilight talks the way a somewhat mentally advanced child would, and Celestia feels the way any mare in her position would. What kind of monsters could have had the heart to downvote this fantastic, absolutely fantastic, work of art?!

Queen Chrysalis, King Sombra, and Tirek must have disliked this fiction.

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