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Any Hades fans out there? · 9:33pm January 7th

I do actually have a pony story coming up! (On Patreon on Monday, here on Fimfic on Wednesday! Just a cute little erotica short, but it's one I particularly liked!)

But I'm also currently in the middle of writing Hades story number four in just the last week, so, uh... On a bit of a roll there!

My AO3 with the two Hades things I've posted so far is over this way ->

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I'm surrounded by WIERDOS · 3:17am Dec 3rd, 2020

Some absolute maniac sent me a box of spoons. :pinkiehappy:

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Needs must spam vampire romance n' smut · 6:53pm Nov 27th, 2020

Hey there! I'll keep this short and sweet and just link to my Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/bladespark/status/1332359614902386688

Not doing any personal Black Friday anything because I do not have the spoons, but one of my publishers is, so six of my books are currently very much on sale. Twitter thread has descriptions and links to the individual books in it.

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Meaningless holidays and microfiction postcards. · 1:41am Nov 15th, 2020

It's Trans Awareness Week, which honestly means basically nothing? It's not an official national holiday, nobody with power is celebrating transness, it's just on some random calendar somewhere. But hey, it's an excuse for trans people to self-promote, so lets!

Here is a quite trans-themed microfiction I wrote a while back, and had illustrated as a nice little "postcard" just today!

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*Ahem* · 9:51pm Nov 5th, 2020

Fimfic's rules do not allow me to link directly, but fans of my more...risque works here on the site might want to peek at my twitter. After making sure nobody's looking over your shoulder. I have to work on this project while the goober child is not around, let's say. :pinkiegasp:

If you can't find my twitter, there's a link on my profile page, and the bottom of the More Info section.


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You want to commission an amazing story? · 4:30am Oct 27th, 2020

Well, you can't commission me unless you want to pay $30 per thousand via Patreon. :twilightsmile: But you can commission the AMAZING Cynewulf, right here: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/923109/commissions-read-carefully

I have commissioned her before, and it was a stellar experience, so this isn't just me plugging somebody I love, this is also a customer testimonial. She does good work!

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A virtual writer's convention this weekend! · 2:57pm Oct 16th, 2020

Saturday and Sunday, the Furry Writer's Guild* is hosting Oxfurred Comma, an entirely online convention for writers! There are panels with writing and publishing discussions from dozens of published authors, small press owners, editors, etc. There's an author's corner where you can find people's books, patreons, websites, free reading, etc. There's also a dealer's den where publishers are selling books, artists are selling their work, and yours truly is selling a bit of both.

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Coping with th@$#%@$% year by writing. · 1:59am Sep 23rd, 2020

It's not pony, sorry. But I have a new free-to-read story up on various sites.


When humans accidentally start a forest fire near the elven village of Illiera, two unlikely saviors fight to stop the flames.

Or: Like firefighters, but dragons! Firedragons, lol.

On Furaffinity

On Deviantart

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2020 mood · 2:08am Sep 13th, 2020

Bodging together makeshift air filters because the stores are entirely sold out and the air quality in your city is "Lol, have some cancer!" because the entire state of Oregon is on fire is very much a 2020 mood.

We have one excellent, huge air filter that's up to more or less keeping the whole house clear, but we also have a modern house with well-sealed windows and doors, so that's not hard.

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OhGod2020 · 1:28am Sep 9th, 2020

Well, I join all the Californians in having forest/brush fires fuck with me. We are safe, and will almost certainly not have to evacuate. But the air quality is so bad I worry for my friends living in older houses that won't keep the smoke out, and it's literally snowing ash so much I needed my windshield wipers when I had to make a brief trip out earlier.

It's freaky.

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