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I write things. Sometimes they have small pastel horses. I have a patreon and a discord.


A virtual writer's convention this weekend! · 2:57pm 6 days ago

Saturday and Sunday, the Furry Writer's Guild* is hosting Oxfurred Comma, an entirely online convention for writers! There are panels with writing and publishing discussions from dozens of published authors, small press owners, editors, etc. There's an author's corner where you can find people's books, patreons, websites, free reading, etc. There's also a dealer's den where publishers are selling books, artists are selling their work, and yours truly is selling a bit of both.

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Support, info, more stories, etc.

These stories brought to you by my lovely Patrons on Patreon. If you'd like to encourage me to post more stories, (and get early access, exclusive stories, and other assorted perks) consider becoming a Patreon patron today.


Books of mine you can buy:

In paperback:
The Sacrifice My first proper romance novel, out in dead tree format. Drop me a note to order a discounted signed copy while they last!
Blood Choice A post-apocalyptic adventure story with vampires. You can read the original draft here on FA, but I'm stoked to have it out in paperback now!

Anthologies I'm in:
Even Furries Hate Nazis by Bound Tales. My story, An Incident at Demansk Station features my bi-gendered wolf character Yin punching racists, so it's lots of good fun!
Scry of Lust 2 A queer and kink anthology, created to raise money for the SFAIDSwalk. My story Fitting Together is a furry, transgender, spanking-and-sex tale built on real kink experiences.
Burnt Fur A furry-themed horror collection. (Paperback.) My story `Ware the Deep features a werewolf and a girl who's obsessed with sharks. (As somebody has asked, no relation to the "movement" by the same name. My story is sexual horror! So definitely not.)

Blood and Fire A hapless winged thief, a fire-bearing were-lion, an immortal dragon queen, and far too much trouble with vampires.
Three of Hearts An transgender man sees a cute gay couple who have no reflection... They can't really be vampires, can they? (Of course they can. Vampire, gay, trans, threesome. It's very "me"!)
The Sacrifice A young man's coming of age story. That's also gay. And has vampires again. A full, novel-length book, with adventure, romance, and smut.
Storm Cat The third and final book in The Magic Returns. If you follow this link it goes to the Smashwords version, where you can also find the previous two books below on sale for $.99 each.
The Vampire's Return Gay Vampire Porn, is probably all you need to know. :D
Well Met by Moonlight A vampire/werewolf MMM threesome. What's not to love?
Stallion Assassin It's gay. There are were-horses. Even if you don't buy it, click the link and check out the *awesome*, ridiculous, cover art.
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme More gay! More great cover art! Fantasy adventure and cute romance! There's sex! What more do you want?


Other Places to Read Me

Patreon: Early access, exclusives, stuff I don't post to any of the free sites. Starts at $1 a month, with *tons* of prior content, but the best stuff is mostly at the $5 a month level these days. I know I put it in here twice, but it has the most frequent new content of any option, including buying books, and starting cheaper than just buying one book.

Archive Of Our Own: Fanfiction, mostly Legend of Zelda. Some of my personal favorite smut scenes lurk here.

Furaffinity: Not just furry stories, I've been posting most of what I write here for years and years. The largest back catalog of my writing out there, though some of the old stuff is not so great.

Fetlife. I post erotica snippets there from time to time. I'm not posting a public link, but if you use the site you can PM me and I'll be happy to point you at my profile.


I'll try to keep this updated as new things get published and new platforms turn up. You can also follow my life-and-writing blog on Dreamwidth, or check me out on twitter.

Latest Stories

  • TThrough A Glass Darkly
    An old gray mare walks down an ancient turnpike, and encounters a unicorn named Luna, standing at a crossroads. Across a land without sun or moon, their paths bend inescapably together beneath strange, wrong stars that may soon be right.
    SPark · 19k words  ·  41  0 · 185 views
  • EUnwind
    Perique Blend and Fleeting Flame are both having a rough time of it. Fortunately they have tea, they have each other, and they have an evening to cuddle together.
    SPark · 1.5k words  ·  24  0 · 233 views
  • EUntitled Celestia Fic
    It’s a lovely morning in Canterlot, and you are a horrible Alicorn.
    SPark · 7.6k words  ·  618  16 · 4.1k views
  • EFalling Moon
    Twilight feels that it might be time to take the next step in her relationship with Princess Luna. But even if the proposal goes according to plan, forces Twilight knows nothing of may disrupt their happy future profoundly.
    SPark · 9.5k words  ·  69  3 · 741 views
  • TTraitor!
    Caught out as a traitor to the hive, Thorax tells a desperate lie: he's only been pretending to be the ponies' friend so that he can avenge his queen. Now he has to somehow make that lie seem true, and nothing will go according to plan when he tries.
    SPark · 9k words  ·  98  6 · 1.7k views
  • ECandy Fluff
    Princess Cadance has had a very long day. Fortunately Shining Armor knows just how to make her feel better.
    SPark · 1.3k words  ·  149  4 · 1.5k views
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I don't know why I wasn't following you before, when I was just enjoying Ember's, but after scanning your blogs (ostensibly for commission info), I definitely needed to. :pinkiehappy:

that sounds unpleasant

A dumpster fire in the comments section that spilled into my inbox too.

what happened to your fic Imperfect?

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