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I dabble in everything. Sometimes that means I write ponies. I have a Patreon and a Discord.


Fan episodes thingummy. · 7:10am November 6th

I've been invited to be a writer in a project to "continue" FiM via fan-made content.

It's an interesting concept, we'll put it that way. I've never written for a medium other than just, you know, writing before, so I'm quite curious how this will play out. But while I'm figuring out the how and what of this, the project itself is looking for community feedback about what folks would like to see in a "for bronies, by bronies" extension of the show.

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Patreon, commissions, etc.

These stories brought to you by my lovely Patrons on Patreon. If you'd like to encourage me to post more stories, (and get chapter previews and other assorted perks) consider becoming a Patreon patron today.


You can find complete info about my writing commissions at my Master Post.


Books of mine you can buy:

In Paperback!
The Sacrifice Vampires, pagan gods, adventure, and gay romance. PM me if you want a signed copy!

Three Of Hearts More vampires, more gay romance, with a threesome centered on a trans man, so it's pretty self-indulgent, but other people seem to like it too.
The Sacrifice Historical gay pagan vampire romance. Also it's been described as "Harry Potter, but gayer" as it's a sort of entering-a-magic-world-learning-magic/chosen one narrative. Amusingly, the first outline I did for this was a ponyfic, with Twilight Sparkle, and a tragic Vampire Celestia, but instead we have young human Oisin and a tragic vampire god Belinos.
Storm Cat The third and final book in The Magic Returns. If you follow this link it goes to the Smashwords version, where you can also find the previous two books below on sale for $.99 each.
The Vampire's Return The sequel to Well Met by Moonlight. More vampire porn, woo.
Well Met by Moonlight A vampire/werewolf MMM threesome. What's not to love?
Stallion Assassin It's gay. There are were-horses. Even if you don't buy it, click the link and check out the *awesome*, ridiculous, cover art.
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme More gay! More great cover art! Fantasy adventure and cute romance! There's sex! What more do you want?
Blood Choice This shocking not gay vampire adventure is currently out of print. It should be available again sometime in 2020.
The Garden Maze A collection of fantasy short stories, unfortunately also currently out of print.


Other Places to Read Me

Patreon: Early access, exclusives, stuff I don't post to any of the free sites. Starts at $1 a month, with *tons* of prior content, but the best stuff is mostly at the $5 a month level these days. I know I put it in here twice, but it has the most frequent new content of any option, including buying books, and starting cheaper than just buying one book.

Archive Of Our Own: Fanfiction, mostly Legend of Zelda. Some of my personal favorite smut scenes lurk here.

Furaffinity: Not just furry stories, I've been posting most of what I write here for years and years. The largest back catalog of my writing out there, though some of the old stuff is not so great.

Fetlife. I post erotica snippets there from time to time. I'm not posting a public link, but if you use the site you can PM me and I'll be happy to point you at my profile.


I'll try to keep this updated as new things get published and new platforms turn up. You can also follow my life-and-writing blog on Dreamwidth.

And, of course, you can also check out my gallery here for tons and past work of all sorts. I don't put up new content here all that often, but it happens now and again.

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Comment posted by Scaramouche deleted October 7th

You're very observant.

TClair de Lune
Princess Luna knows that things are what they are. Fish do not fly, birds do not swim, and she cannot be other than who and what she is. Or can she?
SPark · 20k words  ·  231  15 · 2.5k views

[Adult story embed hidden]

Is it just me or does Luna in your avatar picture kinda look like a stallion?

Ah okay, I only focused on the center of the page, probably because I'm used to it being story recommendations (even though this is a user page).

Sorry, I'm not good at finding things.

(The link itself didn't stand out bright red at all to me though, albeit my vision's not the best, it looks a dark red to me that blends with the text a bit the way other dark colors would. I also took a slightly longer to find it because I was expecting to see it on a separate line, so I think that would also help.)

It's on my user page, right at the top, just above where you left this comment. On the right, under the "Patreon, Commissions, etc." heading. with the link in bright red. Dunno how more obvious I can make it?

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