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I dabble in nearly everything. Sometimes that means I write pony stories. I chat about writing and other things on my Discord chat here: https://discord.gg/cz4mjDT

Patreon, commissions, etc.

These stories brought to you by my lovely Patrons on Patreon. If you'd like to encourage me to post more stories, (and get chapter previews and other assorted perks) consider becoming a Patreon patron today.


You can find complete info about my writing commissions at my Master Post. This includes topics, prices, how to commission me, and a current list of projects/slots available.

I also take assorted sorts of other creative commissions.

Drawing commissions are $5 for sketches, $15 for line art, and $50 for full color.

My main "job" is actually sewing plushes, and I take commissions for them as well! But my plush project list is a bit out of control, so only commission me for one if you're patient. Contact me for prices if you're interested.

And I do a heap of other random things like sculpture, toy mods, painting minis, etc. I'm always happy to pick up an interesting artistic project. I have all the art supplies. Lots of examples of all this can be found at my Deviantart.


On the Vital Importance of Password Security (A new story out today) · 12:35am Last Thursday

State senator Richard White made two mistakes. One was using a work e-mail to arrange to pay for sex with a nice young gay man. The other was thinking that just because he's "the computer guy" it's okay to tell the new intern your password. Oops. Now he's being blackmailed into meeting up in a hotel room to do who knows what, but the worst part isn't the depraved sex acts he'll be forced into, the worst part is that he might actually enjoy them...

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Ah okay, I only focused on the center of the page, probably because I'm used to it being story recommendations (even though this is a user page).

Sorry, I'm not good at finding things.

(The link itself didn't stand out bright red at all to me though, albeit my vision's not the best, it looks a dark red to me that blends with the text a bit the way other dark colors would. I also took a slightly longer to find it because I was expecting to see it on a separate line, so I think that would also help.)

It's on my user page, right at the top, just above where you left this comment. On the right, under the "Patreon, Commissions, etc." heading. with the link in bright red. Dunno how more obvious I can make it?

You have multiple blog posts suggesting people become a patron but I don't see a link to your patreon or any other social media you have anywhere . . . How are people supposed to find links?

(Edit: I found a patreon link in another blog post. Is there a more consistent place where you have it though?)

Ember certain isn't the only changelinge hooker out there, I've seen several other stories, though they all take quite different tacks than I did.

I remember I actually read a story like that once with a changeling hooker. Good shit! I forget the title, though, so you'll have to go looking for it yourself.

  • Viewing 168 - 172 of 172
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