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Not checking in here. I may post stories because my patrons are nice and like ponies. Otherwise out of the fandom, sorry peeps.


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There's where you go.

If you don't have money, fair enough. I've been there, done that. If you do and don't care, fuck off.

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Me, Ponies, Etc.

Look, guys... I can't anymore.

Just can't.

Bronies have harbored outright Nazis for the entire length of the fandom, and when the chickens finally come home to roost, all I'm seeing is people trying to distance themselves and disavow those folks as not really "us". Of course they're us. Come on. Fimfic itself has allowed Aryanne stories and swastika avatars in the past, and it took an embarassingly long time for anybody to even complain about that. I've had to block countless Nazis and bigots and racists and transphobes just to be able to participate here. I pulled a story about racism because of how much hate I got over it!

We're not without sin, folks. If you claim we are, you're sheltered, lying to yourself, or just lying.

And my creative impulse has long, long, long ago moved on. I want to write original stories and I want to explore worlds not built on pastel ponies.

I don't hate bronydom and I know perfectly well that most bronies are decent enough, but most bronies also have stayed silent about the bigotry seething and boiling at the edges of the fandom, because it didn't hurt you, because Aryanne felt like a joke, because it was all just trolling so why care? And now people are dead.

I'm out. If you give a shit you can find me elsewhere, doing other things, and I have e-mail notifications on for my commissioners to contact me still, but I'm taking fimfic out of my bookmarks.

It's been a nice journey, mostly, but some of you invited hatred along, and most if you said nothing, even when a lot of us pointed out how bad that was, so I'm gone.

See you.

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Comment posted by Yo Mommy so fat deleted Jun 19th, 2022

See you Space SParkboy

Nice! Good luck with it!

Doing work on my own story that I hope one day can be sold in store. up to 75 pages so far.

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