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I dabble in nearly everything. Sometimes that means I write pony stories. I chat about writing and other things on my Discord chat here: https://discord.gg/cz4mjDT

Patreon, commissions, etc.

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You can find complete info about my writing commissions at my Master Post. This includes topics, prices, how to commission me, and a current list of projects/slots available.

I also take assorted sorts of other creative commissions.

Drawing commissions are $5 for sketches, $15 for line art, and $50 for full color.

My main "job" is actually sewing plushes, and I take commissions for them as well! But my plush project list is a bit out of control, so only commission me for one if you're patient. Contact me for prices if you're interested.

And I do a heap of other random things like sculpture, toy mods, painting minis, etc. I'm always happy to pick up an interesting artistic project. I have all the art supplies. Lots of examples of all this can be found at my Deviantart.


Thinking about the little things. · 9:56pm Yesterday

It's happened to all of us, I'm sure. You're hanging out with friends, or you're spending time with your waifu, and suddenly somebody says "So where should we go for dinner?" And there is a decent chance that your instant response, almost automatic, is to say some variation on "Wherever you want."

I'm here to tell you that maybe you should reconsider that.

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:twilightsmile: Hope you have a good day.

I agree with SPark

Tea! But also hot chocolate.

Tea or coffee?

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