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This story is a sequel to Midsummer's Eve

Twilight has been dating Princess Luna for some time. She feels that it might be time to take the next step in their relationship. But even if the proposal goes according to (elaborate, checklist-strewn) plan, forces Twilight knows nothing of may disrupt their happy future profoundly.

The final conclusion of the Mythic TwiLuna trilogy, following Spring Tide and Midsummer's Eve.

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For a second I was worried this was going to end differently. But, this was a lovely little series, and I'm glad to have read it.

Thank you!

Endings are always my least favorite part of a story, but this was lovely way for a thing to end. I enjoyed this thoroughly. Thank you very much for sharing something happy with others!

Aww, thank you!

I admit that I hate endings. Even happy ones. But I do love the story. And I admit that I love the idea for the Well of Song and what it is and does.

Unless you're a stick in the mud (which I hope not I might add), I might use it myself. It's too good to leave just for this series.

Well, I stole it from Cynewulf in the first place, though her version of it works differently. So I certainly don't have any exclusive right to the idea. :twilightsmile:

Do you know where that version is? Sounds worth it.

I think it features most prominently in The Night is Passing which is excellent, if very long. It crops up mostly by passing mention in other stories as well, I am fairly certain but I can't remember which ones. Cyne has written a lot!

Your version reminds me somewhat of the Tribunal and the Heart of Lorkhan, albeit in a distinctly more wholesome way. Particularly the distinction between Luna the Pony and Luna the Alicorn. :twilightsmile:

I'm sad to see the series end, but it was a good end! :pinkiehappy:

Yes, this here story tugs at the heartstrings, great ending but I wish thine had not ended this story. :fluttercry:
This story is set in a great AU.

Magnificent story. I like a lot of the ideas that have gone into this. These two were cute and I think that twilight going with Luna next time sounds like a cracker of a cute short fic:pinkiehappy:

I just now got around to reading the story the funny thing is I hit the like button before I even read it, and I think I'll leave it. Good story.

Aww, thank you!

On one side: All the fuzzy feelings. The wholesome, warm gooey stuff that makes me smile and lets a profound 'd'aaaw' circle in my head. On the other side... curiosity about those seven years. (Not exactly seven years, yes, I know, Twilight.) There's room for some interesting stories there, I think. Because as they realized themselves: Seven years IS a long time. And change is inevitable.
There's this saying: You learn to love what you're surrounded with. Most of us don't built relationships on chance encounters, but on 'solid ground'. So I think it's inevitable as well that there would be temptation. And knowing Twilight, it could make for some interesting stories to see how she manages to dodge them.
Aside from letting my train of thought run rampant, I guess I'm trying to say this: Not only is your story wonderfully sweet, it's also a great inspiration and a spark for creativity and thought.
Thank you!

Thank you!

And hey, if you want to fill in that time in a story of your own, I never mind fanfics of my fanfics! Or use it as inspiration or whatever. :twilightsmile:

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