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The changelings are banished, the day is saved! Yet a victory for one must be a defeat for another, and this particular victory has left one changeling stranded in Canterlot, alone and broken. A certain pink party pony is also alone in the Canterlot night, hiding her depression from her friends. She cannot, however, hide her feelings from a changeling. What will become of this unlikely pair?

As featured in Twilight's Library.

Cover picture by Ruirik

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4040899 Heee. I have ideas to go on with this, so yes there will be more eventually. :pinkiehappy: It may take a while though.


4040933 Glad you like it. See my below comment. I am writing more, but I don't know how long it'll be.

If you ever continue this story, please make Pinkie give him a really silly name.:pinkiehappy:

4041132 Woo! Thank you. :pinkiehappy: (I am using that emoticon way too much today. But it is a happypinkie sort of day!)

The mental image of a giggling changeling is the oddest one I've had in a while. It's cool seeing little-miss-flat hair again:pinkiecrazy: only this time being chummy with a love-eating bug. I liked this story a lot so it gets an upvote and a fave.

I'll not repeat what I said before, so the only thing left to say is that I enjoyed it, and look forward to more from you.

Very sweet story, I like it. And now I'm picturing Pinkie getting to taste some more emotions and recreate their flavors in a new line of cupcakes. Even better if it causes other changelings to accidentally reveal themselves.

"Wow, this really does taste like a filly's first crush!"
"And how do you know that, Bon Bon?" :derpyderp2:

4041203 Pfft. That is an awesome idea. Alas I don't think I can work it into any of my stories, but I am stowing it away just in case.

4041193 Thank you very much. :pinkiehappy:

I really enjoyed this story. Really well done.

4041257 :twilightsmile: Thank you very much!

This was loads of sweet adorableness with just the right amount of sympathy so it's not overly fluffy or sad. Great job!:heart:

Amazing story! It's like I was eating a delicious, sweet cupcake.:pinkiehappy: I would love to see some more chapters but that is up to you.

A very neat little story. I don't think the hive-bond has ever been described quite like that. It's a nice twist. I'll definitely keep an eye out from time to time for more.

This story has a whole lotta win.

The battle of depression is summed up exceptionally well between the two of them, but that ending? Excellent.

not bad dude, not bad at all

This looks cool! I'll read it as soon as I have some time. :pinkiehappy:
I hope you don't mind me saying that. :fluttershyouch:

4041587 I am totally in the habit of just dropping stuff into my read later, so I know how it goes. :twilightsmile:

Thank you guys, very much! I am absolutely stoked that so many people like this! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

4041606 I like your changelings. The whole hive link thing. No names and what not.

4041610 Thanks! I've taken ideas from a lot of other writers, but I do try to make things at least slightly original in some way.

4041616 One of my WiPs had something similar. I just didn't think something with a hive mind would need names. Maybe the Queens, and even then more for vanity than utility.

4041622 Yeah, that was my thought as well. When you're all more or less interchangeable, and can read each other's minds, what use are names?

4041629 Of course I still had one who stood out among them. She, I let them all have genders, was a Pinkie fan..tried to being happyness and fun to the hive, ended up stuck in the misfits squad of the army and shipped off to spy on ponies.

4041637 That sounds like a pretty fun story.

4041644 Ha ha ha. Yeeeeeeeeeeah. I have about as many unfinished pony stories as finished ones.

4041650 -smirks- Heres to thinking alot and doing little!

Ooo, I like this story, I'd love to read more, possibly, a multi-chapter story of their misadventures in ponyville, along with the others slowly coming along with trusting him. I will be keeping an eye out. :pinkiehappy:

4041734 Thank you! Conflicts with the other mane 6 are indeed a big part of what I have planned. :twilightsmile:

Now this is a pleasant, little fic. The hive mind connection is a very nice touch too for the changeling and I love how you characterized him too.

4041754 Thank you. :twilightsmile: Glad you liked it.

Changelings get such a bad rep.
"Trying to feed yourselves and your loved ones? YOU MONSTERS!

The ending felt a bit rushed, but overall it was really good.

4041806 Do you have any suggestions for what you would have added?

Very nice. I was wondering if I would enjoy it or not… but this was actually really sweet. You made Mister a sympathetic character without making him a misunderstood poor-unfortunate-soul.

Will be keeping an eye on this one for the sequel! :pinkiehappy:

4041831 Thank you! I was trying to avoid at least some of the "poor, picked on changing" tropes here. :twilightsmile:

Yes. I approve of this story.

i cried, love your story :pinkiesad2:

Well, be that as it may, do you think if cows were sapient they'd be totally chill with hamburgers?

I think revulsion from a prey species to a predator species is a pretty understandable attitude to have.

That's actually one of the things I was really glad SPark did. Mister was unabashedly still changeling. He didn't regret, didn't show remorse. He even said if he was given order from his queen, he'd attack them.

Pinkie Pie, you are making me crazy
The future's meant to be hazy
So won't you please make sense?

Oh Pinkie Pie, your weird earth pony magic,
makes reality plastic,
in your candyfloss hooves.

You became a legend in academia
And now the thought of watching you
Makes me hurt in my head.

Oh Pinkie Pie, you are driving me frantic,
You push the limits of magic,
To get where you belong.

Will the whim that sent her prancing to my tree,
Kindly send her dancing away from me?

Pinkie Pie, you are making me crazy,
I'm going to hide in the daisies
Until this day is done.

aww this was sweet! :twilightsmile:
Would have liked a reaction from the rest of the mane six to Pinkie/changeling ship....

anyway. Love this. Again maybe a short chapter extra with reactions? :rainbowkiss:

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