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Not checking in here. I may post stories because my patrons are nice and like ponies. Otherwise out of the fandom, sorry peeps.


Twilight is very excited to have perfected a new transformation spell. While trying it out on Cadance, however, an ill-timed sneeze turns everypony in the room into cats, including Princess Celestia.

Stuck in the form of a tiny (and adorable) kitten, without access to magic, Twilight has to find a way to fix everything, all while dealing with her growing feline instincts, the hazards of a pony-sized world, and a Princess Celestia who seems to have forgotten she ever was a pony.

This story was commissioned by DbzOrDie. It features cover and interior art by the talented Elbdot.

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Well. I'm dead now from too much sugar and sweetness.


~Skeeter The Lurker

8135898 Mwa ha ha ha. Phase one of my nefarious plot is working!

Very cute fun. Bravo. I'm sure the commissioner was pleased.

What's your price for commissioning stories?

8135930 $10 per thousand words, so it depends on how long the story is. :twilightsmile:

8135931 That's a penny per word... interesting.

8135941 Indeed it is. :twilightsmile:

Delightful! :pinkiehappy:

Is it me, or does the cover image invoke memories of Disney's The Aristocats?

The premise is amazing by itself.
Can't wait to read this.

8135977 There are certainly similarities. The style's not quite the same, but the bows are very alike, for one.

8135980 Well I can't take any credit for the premise, but I do hope you enjoy the story!

I do believe that you have earned a favorite my good sir!

:coolphoto: Ze ponies with the concept of catz? Such magicz!

Very cute story, I definitely enjoyed. :) This is also the first story I've seen artwork woven into the story, itself. A very cool concept that I'll have to try and utilize myself, sometime. :pinkiehappy:

Loved it. This fic was awesome keep up the good work.

Would love a sequel where they are lions. Also lets hope I don't get to many crazy comments on this next request thing but would love a sequel where they are cats and wear diapers or such.

8136072 It was very neat to be able to do that.

Do I even need an excuse to favorite this one? No, I do not.

Nice job all around!

This was adorable

Awesome story that I had to add to my favorites.
Although I did find a single error as I was reading.

She she stood on her hind paws again and repeated the awkward struggle. Once on the next shelf she looked down.

You have accidentally used the word "she" twice here but I would say that if that is the only error you have in your story then that is quite an achievement.
Ill be sure to take a look at anything else you have written.

8136247 That's an odd typo. Fixed now, in any case. Thanks for pointing it out!

8136186 Thank you! :pinkiehappy:

cute story, and I love how celeita was aware the whole time, I had feeling one first though in her mind after she turn into cat was "I am a cat, that mean no royal duties, no stress I can have a carefree relax day for once"

8136328 I'm not even half as busy as Celestia probably is, and I'd totally be enjoying the cat life to the max if I got turned into a cat.

btw the artwork all remind me of the old movie "The Aristocats"

I love it! :D
I shall eagerly await more.

It was utterly adorable and the biggest flaw is it's not 20000 words longer :rainbowwild:

Most fun!

I am reminded of the Aristocats from the picture and that alone has peaked my interest, so I will read this later when I have the time.

8136424 Hah! It felt long to me, but I think I've done too many little short things lately.

8136445 lets reread this message out of context. Please.

8136450 Considering what most of my recent short pieces have been, I don't think that take is out of context at all! :trollestia:

Twilight is a cat. She is allergic to cats.

8136460 this response confused me so much, but ill answer back to that with "It felt long to me, but I think I've done too many short things lately."

8136597 Now I'm confused. What is that supposed to mean "out of context" if it's not an innuendo?

8136618 i mean look at the sentence you wrote out of context of the original comment

8136642 Uhm. Okay. Out of context it sounds like something sexual. Which was the joke I was making, about how "sexual" actually isn't out of context, because the "short things" I've been writing lately are all clop fics. (And now I have explained the joke, so the joke is dead, alas.)

But if that's not the joke you're making, then I cannot think of anything else "short things" means out of context. So please explain it to me?

I suspect cat haters downvote this story. This makes me sad.

So much adorbs. :D

Catlestia is so pretty! I'd adopt her in a heartbeat!

8136445 Cat Horses 2 : The Cattening 200% Meow-ier

Okay, before reading anything past the description, I'm going to guess that nothing is wrong with Celestia, and she's just messing around.
Suspicions confirmed. Naughty kitty.

If only there were a group for cat-ified stories...


I swear there's another one, I just can't locate it at the moment.

8136646 we were both on the right track. the wording of one of your responses confused me a ton

8136864 I read that one back in the day. I always thought it was a shame that it never updated again.

SPark, can I assume you'll be sending me the money for the insulin I now need?

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Am I the only one getting an Aristocats feel from that picture? Anyone?

8137247 :pinkiehappy: You're the fourth person to comment on it so far, actually.

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