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I like FiM, Star Wars, and Tarantino

Stories to continue

The Zabrak and the Dragon

Calming Notes and Tempered Claws

Spike's having a......ruff time

Season 5 after Spike got ALL the mares (It's not dead! Kind of in a coma.....but not dead)

The Vampire's Kiss (low priority)

Sirens: The documentary seen (also low priority, bordering on cancellation.)

Planned future fics (no specific order)

Sequel(s) for gets ALL the mares concerning Spike's kids

2 more Marvel crossovers

Attack on Dragon (not a crossover)

Castlevania type fic inspired by Netflix show

Ideas that probably won't happen

Gremlins crossover


Planet of the Apes crossover

Dazed and Confused adaptation

Big Trouble in Little China adaptation

Spike x Griffon OC

Dragon Empire takeover

Anthology fic

VinylTavia human romance fic

Trixagio EG romance fic (though I really really really want to do it)

Latest Stories

About me

Spike is my favorite, I have no rating restriction so I can, have, and will do mature stories. I have a bunch of ideas, but they can/will probably take a long time to come to fruition.

Commissions/Requests: I don't do them. I would, but I have enough on my plate with my own stories.


News for Spike gets ALL the Mares and sequel · 4:01am Feb 26th, 2018

I intend to do some revisions for Spike gets ALL the mares in the (hopefully) near future. Also hopefully with some help.

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Comment posted by superfun deleted Nov 5th, 2020

2927547 I follow Shakespearicles and saw that you wrote the story for him. And I also like ShiningxVelvet

Thank you for listing up a tale like Velveteen Dream. Keep sticking around, you won't wanna miss a moment of Vis.

Lemme know in the fic's comments just what drove you to it - or anywhere you can what drove ya to me! :trollestia:

Thanks for the follow! <3

I thought your name looked familiar; Showing Mom a Good Time is an old favorite of mine! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the follow! :yay:

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