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I like FiM, Star Wars, and Tarantino

Stories to continue

The Zabrak and the Dragon

Calming Notes and Tempered Claws

Spike's having a......ruff time

Season 5 after Spike got ALL the mares (It's not dead! Kind of in a coma.....but not dead)

The Vampire's Kiss (low priority)

Sirens: The documentary seen (also low priority, bordering on cancellation.)

Planned future fics (no specific order)

Sequel(s) for gets ALL the mares concerning Spike's kids

2 more Marvel crossovers

Attack on Dragon (not a crossover)

Castlevania type fic inspired by Netflix show

Ideas that probably won't happen

Gremlins crossover


Planet of the Apes crossover

Dazed and Confused adaptation

Big Trouble in Little China adaptation

Spike x Griffon OC

Dragon Empire takeover

Anthology fic

VinylTavia human romance fic

Trixagio EG romance fic (though I really really really want to do it)

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About me

Spike is my favorite, I have no rating restriction so I can, have, and will do mature stories. I have a bunch of ideas, but they can/will probably take a long time to come to fruition.

Commissions/Requests: I don't do them. I would, but I have enough on my plate with my own stories.


News for Spike gets ALL the Mares and sequel · 4:01am Feb 26th, 2018

I intend to do some revisions for Spike gets ALL the mares in the (hopefully) near future. Also hopefully with some help.

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(Plant saliva dripping off me) Hey DX

Actually, that's the weird thing: The Facehuggers completely ignored me and went for the plant

Oh wow, good thing you had that plant to make sure your nice vacant viable chest cavity doesn’t become unvacant from that wild facehugger that came from nowhere.

Would talk more but I have to see about some eggs.

Of the chicken variety.

Obviously. What others would I get?

Uh, actually...

(I point to the Alien Plant on my desk eating the Facehugger)

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