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Oh, I'm already liking this story already and it's only the first chapter. Plus, it's inspired by one of my favorite artists on Deviantart too. I'm thinking this might have something to do with Spike's recent growth spurt or maybe it's his hording that's taking effect, guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens next. I'm also curious to see how many more mares will join Spike's 'harem' in the future since the title is called "Spike gets ALL the mares."

Any mare will get turned on by Spike no matter how strong-willed they are and how deep hidden too.

*holds his computer screen up* Please Sir, may I have some more?

Cue reactions:
:raritycry: But I'm supposed to be yours, Spikey-Wikey!!! What did I do wrong???
:applejackconfused: Land's sakes, wasn't expectin' this one comin'...
:pinkiehappy: I'm so happy for the two of you!! Now I can plan my first ever SPILIGHT PARTY......BTW, is there room for one more?:pinkiesmile::heart:
:rainbowdetermined2: About time Egghead got her a stallion....:rainbowwild:
:yay: Can I be your best mare.....if you don't mind, that is.
:trollestia: Congratulations, Twilight. I knew you could do it. And I have to say Spike is a great catch. Kinda wish I acted out on that a couple of months ago though. (:moustache: MOM!!!! Don't say stuff like that out loud!!! It's embarrassing....)

6066902 You may when it's done cooking in the cauldron known as my mind

6066709 Yeah, what this guy said...and because I'm too lazy to copy the link he/she used.

That said, DAMN!! For a single chapter, that wasn't bad with clop AND plot...keep it up, I want to see where this goes!

Kinda hoping celestia gets included she's my faaaaav to ship with spike, fuck outta here all you peasant mares, spike deserves the flanks of the glorious sun, praise the sun.

6067084 I say... I think you've about got it old chap :rainbowlaugh:


Even when it's possible that it could be mother/son incest if Tia and Drake hook up? (I don't have any objection to it, just wondering).

****takes a bow***

Thank you!! After the chapter and the blatant Spilight, I had to make a little dialogue for the others. Since it's Chapter 1, I had to put in some possible reactions of the other six significant characters--and yes I definitely call Tia a significant character since she is Spike's mom in some manner. Obviously that can change as the newer chapters are published.

Glad you liked it!! :twilightsmile:

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6070220 well depends on the setting and mood if you catch my drift, like for example in one spike/Tia she needed his help and love blossomed along the way. Another she recognized him as her adoptive son but shiit she still tapped that dragon ass all day and night. Either way whenever a writer makes celestia spikes adoptive mother (even if there's no sex involved) it gets brownie points in my book since its non-confirmed canon, and the obv most logical stand point when one talks about who raised spike.

6070220 too true especially the Spilight. Best part... "Flash is a toothpick". Laughed my ass off there.

Ughhh Celestia... I would have preferred her to be a virgin

Now I want Spike to avoid Celestia if it kills him. Wonder how much he'd want her if he knew she already had a personal harem. Also seems like Celestia only wants to get with Spike because he's a dragon.

"Well don't get me wrong" Cadance quickly defended "I'm perfectly happy being married to Shining Armor. But you got a dragon! I wouldn't mind finding a spell that could turn Shining into one. I'm sure it would make him even better in bed."

And I'm sure you would be perfectly happy with it if Shining Armor wouldn't mind turning you into a Changeling.

Because, you know, better in bed and all.

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It's funny how much Spike gets turned on by Celestia or that Twilight finds the thought of sex in Canterlot castle to be a turn on. Great job.

I loved this introduction

Ooh, Spike's gonna get Celestia if he manages to find enough mates.

So, I wonder who will be the first addition to Spike's harem? More than likely Rarity, but that would be too obvious.

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Baaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! That was fucking hilarious. :rainbowlaugh: All I have to say is: Celestia is a devious troll and Cadence is a dirty, dirty mare.

Excellent work and now Applejack's selected.

This chapter was great. Spike and AJ walking in on Cheerilee and Big. Mac was hilarious.

:raritydespair: Why Spikey ?
:moustache: I saved the best for last....
:raritystarry: Celestia?
:facehoof: Pancake!
:raritystarry: Food stuff?
:moustache: Marsh mellows?
:raritystarry: diamonds!

:applecry::scootangel::unsuresweetie: Our sisters don't share anything..........

6072907 How exactly is Spike being Celestia's son non-confirmed canon? Just because Lauran Faust had intended it to be that doesn't make it true. Creators have lots of things they intended to include but for some reason are left out. That doesn't make them canon. As it is I'm sure there are tons of things Faust inteded to be canon that have been rendered impossible by what has happened since she left.

The fact is Spike and Celestia have had moments together and at no point has Spike shown to see her as anything other then a ruler.
Heck even the comics, which love to put in fandom canon and are generally considered canon unless trumphed by events in actual epsiodes, even in an issue where they had Spike and Celestia go on an adventure alone they didn't put in even a hit of the two of them having a mother son relationship.

Personally I beleive that if Celestia had any hand in rasing Spike, it was only untill he was around 1 and a half; old enough to make basic words to communicate his needs; then gave him to Twilight.

Oh wow. Demonizing Dragons to make Spike and Ponies in general look better. On top of all the cliched sap...

Seriously, I almost wish Spike was as domineering as Celestia says the Dragons are. Then at least things would be a bit more interesting.

"First" Celestia continued while holding Spike "You have to find other mates and give them your love. That is how you'll earn your prize. And I'm quite sure you'll start with your other friends. Especially Rarity. She definitely needs to be shown what she's missing. But take it at your own pace. Okay stop that." Spike immediately stopped crawling in place and stared up at the mare that had total control over him at the moment, awaiting her further instruction.

Applejack raised herself up in surprise after hearing this. "Really?" she asked hopefully "Ya mean it?"

"If I didn't I wouldn't have said it" Spike replied calmly and smugly at the same time.

"Well then..." AJ stammered "Ta heck with it! I love ya too Spike" she finished with a loving kiss to Spike's lips. "Wait" she said as she brought herself back "What about Rarity?"

"My mind is getting its blood back and nopony else is on it aside from you" Spike stated "Maybe we keep it that way right now?"

Spike stared off into space, wide eyed and shocked. "Oh my god."

"I know" Twilight responded "Rarity doesn't know what she's missing."

The pair stayed still in half comfortable, half shocked silence. Twilight was unaware of the latter since she was behind Spike and couldn't see his face.

I'm sensing a pattern here.....is Rarity really that aloof or conceited?? Why hasn't she set the truth straight for Spike yet?

And inevitably, at some point, Rarity will find out what is going on, and I'm calling it that she's gonna be the only one that doesn't want to be with Spike at all. How is that gonna happen when the rubber meets the road then? Spike has always wanted to court Rarity, though I can understand that it has pretty much taken a bit on the back burner since he actually got a marefriend in Twilight.

6117441 Why hasn't she set the truth straight yet?

Watch Castle Sweet Castle again and you tell me.

So when is the update?

*Sip* It was Fla-[No! I refuse to do this anymore!]
Thank god i was about to punch something.

Hot and funny. My favorite!:moustache:
Oh, word of advice. Stop mentioning, Flash! Just stop. No one like to hear about an EX. Or this guy with, Twilght for that matter. Just saying.:ajbemused:

Good chapter. Great to see you stopped using his name. I'm sure that's the reason for the down votes.:trollestia: Also, you may want to get an idea of what, Spike's, member may look like. For some reason when you got to, Fluttershy, she may want to get a good look at it. Not really sure why I think that, just seems to fit her personality and her fear of intimidating dragons.

Good luck all the same. This is a good read!:moustache:

Wow, I didn't expected Shy to be so wild.

HA! I called it after like the second flash foward scene!

Awesome story, can you add Luna to the harem?

Saw that coming a mile away!

I thought Rainbow at first, for a moment I thought it was Cheerlie, then I thought Pinkie but I guess Flutters was a good one. Also !YA! hybrids I love hybrids.
Finally I hope this doesn't end like Fight Club personally.

Twilight - Spiked!
Applejack - Spiked!
Fluttershy - Spiked!

The next one to get Spiked is Fluttershy? Sweet. :yay:

And also......beware the quiet ones...damn Flutters, you needed the D that badly, huh??

....*jaw dropped so hard it made a crater* i didnt expect fluttershy to act like that...well she jumped to number 2 of things in equestria that scare me

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