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This seems like an interesting story, especially due to being a crossover with Monster Encyclopedia. I'll fav it.

It seems Spike and Luna are off to a good start.

Hmm... I'll follow, Monster girls always managed to make things interesting.

I'm watching you sex tag, if it didn't already crossover with Monstergirl elements, then I would be caught off guard at how semi normal it is.

I have almost no idea what's going on... and want to find out

Comment posted by Animated Rarity deleted Jul 5th, 2015

Spike the hunter epic last name and if fits sooo bloody well for now Spike is on the prowl

6168547 Spike basically is in living with a monster girl manga but in college format with a lot more sex.....with a very likly hood of 9:1 gilr to guy ratio soooo girls all around

Spike shall need and have it polished and I just felt the need for a dick joke in the comments here

6169284 and that's why I said "almost": because I already knew that much, but it still leaves a lot out... and true, I can make MANY assumptions about what the story MIGHT have, like you did, but I'd rather wait and see what the author gives us... and I want to be clear, I was mostly referring to the description, which does not include the reason I'm here: Spike, and I don't want to insinuate insult, but your response makes it sound like you don't think I read the description, or understood what "The Monster Girl Encyclopedia" was, or even implied

6169284 Actually it's gonna be the MGE with some Rosario+Vampire (mostly for setting and the 'human around monsters' setting), plus whatever other shows me and DragonPony can fish up

:pinkiehappy:*cue evil laughter*

And to Beirirangu: the next couple of chapters'll work on clearing things up

A crossover with The Monster Girl Encyclopedia (you have warned!) and other shows. This'll also have anthro since I can only put in six genre tags.

A crossover with The Monster Girl Encyclopedia


6169401 ,hmmmm you do know living with a monster girl is becoming an anime right? also I recommended Soul eater and Highschool DXD, MAR and Can't I Expect A Chance Encounter In The Dungeon?*(the one with Hestia and Bell) as well as The Rising of the Shield Hero

6169330 my bad some guy haven't my bad if I jumped the gun for I am

So we're going for a Academy Yoko approach to getting to school, alright then.

Love the opening. I'll keep an eye on this.

Oh, wow. Luna's looking like she's hitting it up with Spike already.

I like it so far. Continue on.

So from what I can gather so far, You are planning something like rosario vampire. Spike is actually the only one that is unique to the school and this will be like a test run to see if he can adjust. My question though is why Spike? just for the sake of the story or is there actual meaning in it being Spike? Time will tell, not in the next year mind you, but it will tell.

6312412 Spike just seemed like the logical choice, that and the idea of him being kind of a perv (especially in a college with that many cute girls) is funny as hell.

So...he just encountered Anthro Vinyl, yes? Just want to be sure I interpreted that end right. What level of Anthro?

6328751 Well, she's still got hooves, fur, and her tail (and now I just realized I forgot to add her horn) so i'd say she's a 3.5 on the human-pony scale. (you know, the pics where it's got humans at 5 and ponies at 1. i'm going by those)

So...she does have hands and tits, then?


does sounds and looks like Vinyl, and I think the outfit and the hair would be a dead giveaway. Plus it just shows that she only has the horn; if it was Celestia, she would probably be twice as big as Vinyl, not to mention she would have wings as well as the horn, and she would probably be wearing a gown appropriate for royalty.

6328860 Well, she won't be THAT big. Vinyl and the other ponies are gonna be around 7 to 8 feet tall in this one.

I was specifically asking if it was Anthro Vinyl.

Awesome. So Vinyl's the first one of the girls he meets.

6329073 Oh, it is. I had to put it in the story description since they only allow 6 tags.

Just because it says it has anthro doesn't mean all non-human characters will be. I was just asking for confirmation that she was.

And this is where it gets interesting.

This has a very Rosario+Vampire look to it, hmm, interesting.

That artist really is good at making sexy girl characters

Got to say, that Spike's meeting with Vinyl, Octavia, and Pinkie went well. The ending was awesome.

6376836 You ain't kidding!

6376837 the real fun's gonna be when he finds out exactly what he's gotten himself into.

6376843 but how did he get in that College full of anthro pony girls

6376872 Their not all anthro ponies, and there'll be some other guys there too like Mac and Shining.

Any chance you could link me to said artist's work? I don't know if I've seen it.

6376971 Here's a couple of his pics. He's got stuff on derpibooru and deviantart, but you'll have to look on his tumblr or on bing for his more risque stuff.



6376881 ok that's cool too hear good luck

6377024 And remember, this is crossing with the Monster Girl Encyclopedia, so....

Don't know the Monster Girl Encyclopedia. Is there a story to it I can read somewhere?

6377076 Just look up the monster girl encyc. wiki. You'll see what I mean

I did. I couldn't make heads or tails of it.

Excellent job. Already he's met Vinyl, Octavia, and Pinkie Pie. Can't wait to see his reaction to the other girls.

"That's good to hear." Celestia reached for her coffee cup, "What, what?? YOUR ass!?"

Luna: "art thou jealous sister."

I can't tell if it's any good or not. The chapters are way too short.

Where there's bass, there's Vinyl.:rainbowlaugh:

Other than the edit sent via PM, nice chapter.

So...what did Pinkie turn into? Were Vinyl and Octavia monster girls as well? Or were they just anthro ponies?

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