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Sup fellow MLP lovers. Not much to say about myself. I'm just a brony that loves to write and would love to put up my work for others to enjoy.

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Well, my loyal followers, the moment you've all been waiting for. The Prequel to M Little Pleasure island!:pinkiegasp: Enjoy.:moustache:

I thoroughly enjoyed this piece and this fic, and I hope to help you out or watch this insane fic reach new heights of awesomeness and glory!!!!!!


Hoping for some Spike on Cheerilee action. Fimfiction needs more SpikeLee.

I'm getting the wierdest sense of deja vu. Almost like I've seen this fic before.

A hundred times.

Oh this is going to be interesting to say the least. And you've given me a few ideas for my own Spike/Vinyl fic.


We all need some Spike Lee. Here's some:


Still enjoy some of his works. Is he working for anything new, or is he retired now? Dude's pushing 60.


I know. We will probably see some of that, though that is also when Big Mac beat Spike senseless for him hitting on Cheerilee.:facehoof::facehoof::eeyup: And getting caught balls deep in a girl when her roommates sees you just when she walked in....and even more, everyone KNOWS each other.

Yep...that is awkward....:rainbowderp:

This was amazing. My music fetish is more than satisfied :rainbowlaugh:

4493492 yeah, but its the same principal as all the cookie cutter radio songs and action movies in the real world. As long as people like em, they keep making them :ajsmug:

Anyway, this is well written, and I can tell you worked hard, so have a like

Let the Spiking begins!!!

He has two of 'them' in this story?

this is going to be so much fun! :pinkiecrazy:

Jesus Christ, what is with all these copy/paste Spike harem fics lately? No cover art, same tags, almost always anthro, and with the nearly same description about Spike growing up and fucking mares. Though I do give this one props for decent grammar at least. But still, why is there such a surge of them lately? :applejackconfused:

*A thousand times. :trollestia:

Weapon of ass destruction
Not sure if typo or on purpose
Funny ether way, great job

4495458 Could not have said it better myself. Seriously, what is with this fic? I swear to god I've seen this story 3-4 times now. To be fair, I decided to read to see if that really was the case


Yep, pretty much copy and paste, only this one appears to be using side characters rather than the mane six because the writer has already done that. Not for me I think. Listen bro, you can write what you please, and you at least have pretty decent pacing and decent grammar, so at the very least this is readable. You also made him older thus avoiding the creepy statutory rape theme most of these other stories have, but a little originality wouldn't kill you, would it? Granted, you did use side characters this time but I judging by the prequel, this is literally going to be the EXACT same story. Credit for writing a Doctor Whooves story though, those are awesome. :pinkiehappy:

4495099 that was the last one, this is a prequel. so not yet.:rainbowwild:

4490493 I love it so far. Keep it up good fellow! :pinkiehappy:

4495458 They're the new LoHAV, apparently. :rainbowlaugh:

4496022 ... Dont even joke about that, you'll give people ideas :ajbemused:

We get to see what happened before Spike went on vacation with the Mane Six and started his 'herd/harem'. Maybe we will get to find out who those French Maids were at the end. Anyway, I hope we get to see Spike x Octavia or Spike x Octavia x Vinyl in the next chapter.

4496022 What is LoHAV?

4493492 I don't think one downvote per person is fair in this instance. Or upvote in regards to your comment.


League of Humans Acting Villainous.

Every single one of them goes like this: a human nerd goes to a convention cosplaying as some random character/superhero, then wakes up in Equestria as said character, with all their powers, and proceeds to be seen as a villain and attacked because he acts like a total dickbag and is too fucking stupid to stop and talk to ponies.

There, I just saved you from reading about a thousand shitty fics. You're welcome.:ajsmug:

the last line is kinda redundant:

...only one word filled all three of their minds.
Awkward, They all thought at once.

how about just "...only one word filled all three of their minds, Awkward."

but, other than that, I'd have to agree with some of the others here and say that it feels like I've read this before (or at least the prologue) , but it's still a good read and I love the Spike Love

Spike with Octavia and Vinyl in the next chapter?

Why does it have to be anthro? Can't we just keep it normal or humanized? Not because Anthro is wrong, but because we see too much of it. :unsuresweetie:

Whoa that musical foreplay is some powerful stuff :rainbowderp:. Plus t after party was pretty sweet as well if u don't include Tavi walkin in on t couple's finish :facehoof:. but, it'll be interestin to see what happens next anyways :yay:

4500110 With the Octavia tag, one can only wonder. :derpytongue2:

...I think I'll wait to see another couple of chapters before calling on this. While not entirely original, it's also really not bad. I kinda think I just need to see more of what you do and with whom before I make a judgement on the story itself.

The ball is in your court, author :trixieshiftright:

that moment when I read the title and got reminded of "Lyra and BonBon's Odd Jobs"...

WELL THIS HAS CLOP SO I GUESS ITS NOT THAT MUCH OF A FARCRY, even if it isn't the same story....

Heh, true if she doesn't join in this time then there's always next time :rainbowwild:. Altho there's still that akward talk ahead for these ponies :facehoof:

This was some hot stuff.:raritywink:

I hope at some point in this story is have, Spike and the 'disguised' Celestia have their sex scene.:moustache::trollestia:

Ahhhh a night with pop and class:pinkiecrazy:

Question, can we expect there to be a Zecora x Spike chapter in this fic since Zecora is tagged there?

I happen to be a Zecora fan.

SpikeScratch is best ship.

Besides me x vinyl of course.

Ha!!!! I see what you did there

Omg I love this story you are now in second place in my favorites that is a accomplishment

Awkward ending to an excellent chapter of a most interesting fanfic. I loved it and look forward to more.

Hope your muse strikes for this story. Great stuff.

next chapter? plss!!

3) Finally, I know this has come up many a time, but I'd like to assure you all here and now, none of the mares Spike has slept with are pregnant. There's a reason for it, but that will be revealed in the sequel.

Awww....I'm a little disappointed with that:fluttercry:. I was kinda hoping that my idea of many months ago that Spike accidentally knocked Pinkie Pie up when his 'addition' first surfaced, and that the Cakes and Princess Celestia knew about it was an actual thing. But in another light, that may just be too much drama in a comedy like this. So in short, I understand your position.

Now to the chapter. Love me some Octavia, even more so when Spike's involved. Seriously, I think that there is a gold mine because there is so much potential with those two characters. And involving that wild card of a roomie and the unicorn DJ Vinyl Scratch in the picture, you definitely made it fun, sexy, and believeable. I enjoyed it immensely :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

The part of Luna's double sided dildo GOT me excited!!!

Now, just how much is he grown? He's grown his wings, which sounds helpful, but there's no pegasi tags. Shame, they'd probably go nuts over a pair like his.

Working like that, it's surprising he went a month without getting some interest from other mares. Oh well business can be slow sometimes.
Walking around in a mare's home without a shirt on would be suspicious, but I guess Spike would feel a lot more comfortable going nude because his entire body is scales.
That's fast isn't it? He helps clean her apartment, and the following night they're already having sex. Yeah, I agree with Tavi. Awkward.

Wow, they already had a agreement to keep it to their bedrooms? They think ahead don't they?

Personally I'm more of a fan of Spike sticking to a single mare, but hey to each their own. Still fun to read.

Damn Spike, you probably should have told Celestia about doing these odd jobs before anypony else. You know how parents can be, and let's face it, "odd jobs". It sounds suspicious.

This was great but......when did Octavia get undressed?. You never detail her taking off her clothes, so she's just suddenly naked when her and Spike 69. Sooooo when did she undress herself? XD

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