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I've always loved my six best friends since we were just kids. But now that we're older they're acting differently to me, and I find myself acting in a similar matter to each of them. Our feelings for each other is becoming much different. Will our friendship remain true as we go on with our lives? I wonder.

Cover art courtesy of Duke Moon II

Tropes Page here: The Girls of My Life

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This should be interesting. I can guess what the change is and I wonder where you will go with this.

In the first and last paragraphs, you don't need to put the "a voice narrated" or "Spike's older voice narrated", it's pretty much implied

Well i am interested to see where this could be going.Lets hope Spike took these to heart and want to become strong so he can protect the girls if they ever need him.

4840462 He sure will take them to heart

4840529 great can't wait to see how this has effected it has on him. Oh head up.... The Guardian is back!!!:derpyderp2:

Well this is a good start for Spike. Can wait to see how he handles high school.

Your welcome you get a thumbs up and I shall follow you :raritywink::duck::twilightsmile::moustache::heart::heart::rainbowdetermined2::pinkiesad2::pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy::ajsmug:

4840934 I'm glad it did catch your attention

You think I don't know this is?

You think I don't know what's HAPPENING ON THE STREETS?

so you like kissing x sis too........kool.

4841186 Yes I admit the opening was inspired by the flashback in episode one. And it's possible the rest may feel like you're watching it

4841631 Thank you, and I'll do my best


DOGS?! Couldnt you come with something better....

Looks like Spike's schedual is going to be pack for a long while.

Equestria Girls: The Dating Sim.

I'll give it a shot.

4846017 Yea but could you think of a better way to be packed. I mean if he play this right he will be a very happy guy by the end of summer vacation. I wonder which girl will confess first and start the chain reaction of all of them. I will be interesting for them to have a girl group talk and one bring it up and they all start looking at each other trying to think how to beat the others for Spike's affection.

4846175 Yeah, lets just hope they keep it clean and don't do anything underhanded. I like a good cat fight as much as the next striaght guy but after reading some many stories it starts to get old.

4846203 That is why he has to find a way to make it interesting. I lucked out by doing a difficult topic of Spike the dog but give me a field all to me...:pinkiehappy:

This opening is almost the exact opening as kiss x sis
Had to say it

4846248 Yeah you caught it
4846210 And I'll try

Comment posted by Kage no Brony deleted Aug 14th, 2014


Wow. I barely got out of this alive. I may have to start thinking clearer now about what they each would like to do to me and make choices

Bow chicka wow wow!

Seriously, though, I assume that's not what you actually intended to say.

Loving this so far, kinda hope this will be a harem story (I actually have no problem with those if handled well)

4849193 I'm aiming something for that, but not making it seem like Spike exploits them all for his desires

4848386 I did mean 'with' but somehow my fingers ended up typing 'to. Still their inevitable attempts to hit on Spike will stir things up

I like this. and I like it a lot. it even gave me an idea for a new story to boot!

4850521 Thanks i already am on a roll

It's a little precarious for my taste. It's like walking on egg shells here. I'm gonna fav cause I want to see what happens next but that like... The like you still gotta earn.

The first shot has been fired!!!!! Now the battle begins for the prize of Spike.:moustache:

Wait, so is he a dog, or guy? I mean, you just said he's a dog in the intro...

Applejack has taken the first step. I wonder how the others will respond to this when it becomes know. Lets just hope none of them do anything too crazy and end up scaring Spike away.

4851278 No, I made him say that he knows his name is a common name used for a dog, but he says the name is all right by him. He's human.

4851086 Oh yeah
4851399 They'll all be doing their thigns with Spike just as he promised them this weekend

Pinkie Pie had large pink poofy hair, and was wearing pink shoes, a blue skirt, and a white short with pink poofy short sleeves and balloon images on it.

Either this is a typo or Pinkie's topless, which at eleven is kinda worrying

4851278 He's a guy but he says his name is common for dogs. I was confused as well for a bit, had to reread that part

4849501 :pinkiehappy: Awesomeness! I can see this being a Tenchi style harem almost. All the girls and Spike in a true poly relationship bound by ties of love.

Now Spike's life is going to get quite interesting.

4855466 There's no stopping him

The two started squirting each other with cake icing getting their faces and aprons covered in the stuff, and sometimes getting at them from behind.

I took this out of context XD Looking good so far, can't wait to see what happens the next day!

No surprise that Pinkie used the chance to get a taste and it looks like Rainbow is really good at teasing. With the pressure on I wonder what Fluttershy will do? And when does Rarity plan to make a move?

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