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For those to appreciate, read, or otherwise like the Applejack-Spike ship. Y'all come in ya hear.

Fics don't even have to focus on AppleSpike, just as long as the ship is included. Mature rated fics should go into the mature folder.

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363974 Don't worry that's ok I also like both ships, don't worry you are not alone

401143 Thanks for the apology :pinkiesmile:
Gotta say, I was getting really confused. :rainbowlaugh:

Can someone please tell me why 'Rainbows in the sky' is filed under the main pairing folder, when this is a SpikeDash story?
Don't get me wrong, if it's a good story, GREAT! :pinkiesmile: Just if we can have them in the right place 'n' all, that would be stupendous. :moustache:

Hey Everypony, come join the new group, Spike's Girls!! The group for all spike shipping's, big and small.

Uuchh...I love this group so much, but there are stories yet to be completed! :raritydespair: I've read almost every fiction here (except for the mature that is) and they're all soooo great, but the suspense to have some of them finished is getting me on edge! In an excited/anticipated sort of way. :scootangel:

proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests


381518 oh cool hi


Couldn't agree more

(I'm her sister by the way just to say XD )

Oops I thought this was spike x applebloom

I need moreee storys :flutterrage::pinkiehappy::moustache::ajsmug:

347966 I too fell that

I ship :moustache::heart::raritywink: and :moustache::heart::ajsmug: That's ok right?:applejackunsure:

Yeah...Rarity is sorta a brat...and Applejack has a crush and yeah. I love this ship it's amazin' !

I seem to ship all of the mane six but not rarity with spike strangely so I'm so joining this group!



Best group ever

Thank you so much for creating this group!!

One of my new fav ships, thanks for making this group :moustache::ajsmug:

Got my Avatar on DA, and your story has already been added

Where did ya got the Avatar image? :moustache:


I have a story about this couple! How I can get it here?

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