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I pretty much made this group to help popularize and organize uncommon Spike ships. Feel free to post any stories you may have that ship Spike with a character he's normally not paired with. (a good rule of thumb is it should be a ship that doesn't have a group of it's own).

Examples of acceptable ships:
Spike x Octavia
Spike x Lyra
Spike x Lightning Dust

Not Acceptable:
Spike x Rarity
Spike x Twilight

Note: For now, the only acceptable CMC ship is Spike x Scootaloo, because it's currently very rare, while the other two have a decent amount.

Here's a thread with the group rules.

Any questions, just ask me. Peace!

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Dose Riddle me this qualify for this group?

Does Chrysalis qualify, for a Spike ship on this group?

Hey Everypony, come join the new group, Spike's Girls!! The group for all spike shipping's, big and small.

Finally, a group that's dedicated to the less common Spike shippings:pinkiehappy:

361318 i actually posted a Spike x Cadence fic today :pinkiehappy:

We need a Spike x Cadance fic

357236 i'm about to release a Spike x Cloudchaser fic also :heart: Tommorrow afternoon to be precise Here's the cover page for it

Spike X Cloudchaser=:heart:

Now who went and put my story in the Legendary category? Y'all are just a bunch of damn sweethearts, you know that? Make me happy after a long day of work.

Gonna have to update it sooner just to pay you guys and gals back. :ajsmug:

354671 Hmm, I'll have to get back to you on that. I want to think of something that's fun and fair.

You're on. Any particular challenges?

354645 ooh, we should have a friendly competition with our Cloudchaser fics Kuz I have one too I'm working on :moustache:

"A butt-ton of stories"
That's an... Unusual expression.

Once again, should've known. I'm also going to contribute a story or three here. First up, SpikexRarity. JK, it'll be SpikexCloudchaser. I've been on quite the Cloudchaser kick lately, as you can tell.

354581 I'd say so. Under most circumstances, I trust members to use their best judgement :moustache::raritywink:

oh and i know this a mane six pairing but its not that popular... is Spike x Pinkie okay too?

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