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Relationships of Spike. Add a story to the correct folder, please.
If you have a Spike ship that you think needs a folder at this point, message me.
Stories can be one-shots, part of a series, Porn Without Plot, Porn With Plot, Plot Porn (aka, the pony use of the word 'plot'), maybe just something on Spike with a crush. If Spike had romance with somepony, the story goes in this group.

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Wonder if there will be a SpikexRoyal Sisters(like either Luna, Celestia or their respective dark selves or multiple included) folder too?
EDIT: Just noitced there's a Spike x Celestia folder.
Will there be one for Spike x Luna(Spiluna) too?

Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted March 12th

346475 I wouldn't know, they seems quite equal on the morality side.
Although I came up with what I think is a new take on Spike's love for Rarity.
Where ever they go, they are still Spike and Rarity, right?


346475 The whole focus of 'Spike Finds Love' is that Rarity rejects him, so he searches for a new love. Apparently, Spilight is popular because he's always known and lived with Twilight.

Why is there more SpiLight than Sparity? :rainbowhuh:

i want to read all the cute spike fics i can!!!:trollestia::scootangel:


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