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What more is there to say it's a group for Spike lovers everywhere. Ship Spike with every mare. :D

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To be truthful here people are just lazy or looking for a easy way out

We had lots of human Spike harem with main 6...but what about human Spike harem with cmc or human Spike harem with cmc, DT, Silver Spoon, and twist or human spike harem with cmc, dinky, and twist we need one of those folders

I think a Spike X Thorax folder should be made with all the stories i have read

I think the folders should be made for the new ships like spike x ember and spike x starlight glimmer

I may be new here, but with a few stories revolving around Spike and his love for Rarity.

With the size of this group, I hope to find some love and appreciation for my stories of Spike, with his special some Pony.

Could someone make a spike X chimera I've read three of those

Working on a skiedash story right now, not gonna lie not the best thing but you guys should take a look im open to yuor sugestion and am willing to change it for your liking

proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests


Where is the Spike x Moon Dancer folder?

We need more Applespike stories

Hmm, I've been thinking, why is there rarely any Spike X Fluttershy. Well good ones any way I mean the largest folder is the Spike X Rarity folder(suprise, suprise.) I mean that's a bit overdone don't you think? I mean it may just be my opinion but oh well.
P.S. There isn't a lot of SpikeDash either but, oh well

376480 OK on old reply oooooh
And the second one fimfiction is glitching:flutterrage:

376457 I posted a reply....why is my notifications still telling me about your reply?


It was hinted at. "That was a gift for Moondancer".

:pinkiesad2: what about Spike x Moondancer? She was mentioned in episode 1 as his first crush

368655 I suck at writing I tried it once it was pretty bad

368646 uh.. i kiinda deleated it but im starting a new one, do you want to work with me? :fluttershysad:

368114 do you got a summaryif you do i would like to read it:pinkiehappy:

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