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What more is there to say it's a group for Spike lovers everywhere. Ship Spike with every mare. :D

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Wow, such an archive and no Spike x Gabby section. Did people seriously not watch that episode or something?

How come there isn't a Spike x Coloratura (Rara) shipping folder?

Grammar, grammar, grammar. Honestly, if a story is readable you already stand out in a good way.

I’ve been trying to write my own stories and post them here. Can anyone gives me any pointers and tips to start out?

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I think there should be a Spike x Cozy Glow shipping folder, where he reforms her or ends up broken hearted from her being evil

I am glad that Spabby exists, but it is cool tbat Sparity stays strong no matter what.

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Really?... Wow.

Where do you live?

I did that at the beginning.

so sad
because it was refused
I just understand the fics because I have a translator in the pc browser

I tried to do a story which was about Halo & MLP, in that story there it was: Discord x Celestia, Rainbow Dash x Soarin, OC x Pinkie, & Twilight x Spike.
It was called: UNSC at Equestria, but it was eliminated because of the script.
By the way, I'm Italian, but I speak Spanish because I live in Mexico.


legal partner
I would even bring a story of mine, but unfortunately I can not

I wad unable to add my story to the SongBird Serenad folder

Can I tell you something?
I like a lot of Spike´s Shippings.
For Example: With Rarity, Applejack, Starlight, Twilight, Derpy, Luna, etc.

My toes are cold.

Why not make a Wonderbolts folder for the Harem folder?

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