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All of my works are currently 18+, and some contain extreme material - please read the description so you know what you're getting into before reading anything! Commissions are open, DM for info!

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  • 8 weeks
    Made some fixes to Twilight's Desperate Training!

    I noticed some issues with Twilight's Desperate Training, mostly a lot of minor mistakes - if those had been stopping you from reading it before, consider giving it another try! The original commissioner is getting another story in this same style featuring Luna and Celestia, so keep an eye out~!

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  • 21 weeks
    Chapter 6 of the Mane Six Scat Orgy is Out Now!

    Sorry I made you all wait so long - college has been very hectic for me! I hope you enjoy the conclusion to this story!!

    Also, I have a new offer up! If you're a fan of any of my stories, especially the scat orgy, and you'd like to see a different pony or one of your OCs taking part in the fun, make sure to check this out - this is a very exclusive offer with a much cheaper price than my regular commissions! https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/1023610/25-ych-offer-time-limited

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  • 21 weeks

    Hello everyone! College has been super stressful this year, so I haven't really had time to work on commissions, but I did have one little idea of something a bit easier I could do, just to make a little extra to afford my groceries while I figure out how to make time for commissions again!

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  • 25 weeks
    Chapter 5 of the Mane Six Scat Orgy is out now!!

    As the title says!! We're almost near the end! Check out the story here: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/536931/the-mane-six-scat-orgy

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  • 26 weeks
    Chapter 4 of the Mane 6 Scat Orgy Is Out!

    As the title says - enjoy!!

    My commissions are still open, and with college coming back, I'm definitely in need of some extra work :P Send me an email if you're interested: softvoice21134@gmail.com Prices start at $50 per 1k, but are negotiable!

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This is my bio! I don't know where else to put it atm, so I'm just going to leave it here ^^


Hi hi! I'm Kito, a freelance writer into the kinkier side of writing~
20 years old, non-binary (they/them), switch, constantly horny.

My commissions are open! Email me at softvoice21134@gmail.com for more info and to discuss a commission! I'll write even the most extreme, dirty, painful kinks - just message me and we'll discuss it more, I'm limitless! My price is usually $40 per every 1000 words, but the rate may vary depending on the story! Right now, I'm offering a $5 discount off every 1k words for any commission related to MLP: FIM! This is because I just finished the series, and I really want to write about it!! Take advantage of this while you can!

If you really enjoy my stories and would like to read a bunch more, check out my Patreon! For just $5, you'll get access to tons of exclusive stories, and at least one new story every week! https://www.patreon.com/kitokito1

I hope you enjoy my works, even as weird as they are!


Writing Commissions Are Open! · 4:27pm Aug 4th, 2023

Hello hello! I’m going to keep this short and sweet - this is just an updated sheet for information on my commissions. If you have any questions, feel free to ask below. 

My commissions are currently open! My usual price is $50 per 1k words, but this is negotiable depending on the content of the commission.

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Commission Info~!

If you want a commission, here are some details you may want to know!

- My price is around $40 per 1000 words, however, if your budget is strict, we can discuss a work around! That said, I promise every single dollar is worth it - I put a lot of effort into my writing, and I work to make every piece one of my best!!
- I am almost limitless when it comes to kinks! I specialize in either dirty/messy stuff, or cute stuff! Omorashi, scat, watersports, and vore are certainly at the top of my list, as is CBT, though that list is very long. Always feel free to ask me if you're unsure of whether or not I'd be up to write a certain kink!
- I will not write foalcon or incest! They just make me a little uncomfortable. Anything with underage characters is a no-go for me. That said, I'm willing to age-up characters who are younger in the show, as long as it can be done in a convincing fashion.
- If you want more examples of my work, especially revolving a certain kink or subject, feel free to ask, and I will be happy to provide!
- If you have a request, but can't pay for a commission, feel free to send it, although the chances of me doing it are slim. This is my job - these commissions put food on my table. I would die if I took requests often :P

Also, if you're interested in a trade, just DM me - if I like you art or writing, I may be down for something ^^

One last thing - if you're at all interested, but you don't have a concrete idea, DM me and I'll happily help you come up with something!! Or, if you just want something that's kind of vague, I'm still down to take it - I actually love commissions that aren't super strict! Though, it's all up to you - I'll take the commission either way, most likely!

Disclaimer: I have the right to turn away any commission for any reason. I probably won't do that in most cases, but just note this.

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Can't guarantee that exact thing will happen, though it does sound fun~ I can at least promise some content with the princesses in the near future~

Oh and can you make them take a shit on twilight's face and sit on her when her face is full of shit.

Sounds fun~ I've been wanting to write something with Celestia and Luna, I definitely have some stuff coming up with them~!

My idea was a twilight gets face sat and pissed on my celestia and luna as a punishment for messing up big time.

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