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Loving Waifu | Connoisseur of Dirty Ponuts | Professional Shit Writer | Commissions: CLOSED | Twitter: @RimmerNsfw

Commission Information

Commissions are currently CLOSED.

I take infrequent commissions. The standard pricing is $15 per 1,000 words. DM me to start a convo about a commission. Depending to my schedule and the length of the story, commissioned works can take up to a month or more to complete. Usually I only take a certain amount so as to not make this wait overly long. They can be attributed/credited to you in the story description or they can be done anonymously.

I will write ANY kind of fetish content EXCEPT:

  • Diapers
  • Anything with food
  • Racism / Raceplay / etc.
  • I can adjust this list as I wish.

Also, the dirtier the better. My forte is scat afterall.

Commissions will be paid for when the story is requested, and BEFORE I begin working on it. I hold the right to CANCEL any commission at any time before or after (with refund) payment as well. I will NOT offer refunds after the story is written, even if you do not accept it. Payments are processed via secure PayPal transaction - you do not need a paypal account to pay.

NOTE: By default none of my stories are ghostwritten. They are posted to my account, with credit to you for the commission. If you want a story to be ghostwritten, we can discuss it, but the final price will be tripled.

Latest Stories

Eat Ponuts E'ry Day

The Unending Enigma of the Writer Named "Rimmer"

"Who is Rimmer?" That would be me.

Commission Info is over there →

Hello. My name is Rimmer. That's not my real name of course, that would be unfortunate. I rank my own stories by downvotes rather than upvotes. Unfortunately, that means I have very few successful stories. (Haha, little joke there.) Oh, and unless it's about Elsa, I don't care what you say.

What do you write?

  • Incest: I'm familial with it.
  • Bestiality: Till the dogs come home.
  • Watersports: I piss in my own cereal, thank you very much.
  • Scat: Oh, I write loads of it.
  • Snuff: Until the day I die.
  • What else: Armpits. Preferably sweaty lesbian ones. Preferably Katara's.
  • Was this just an excuse to list all your fetishes? No, the list would be longer.

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not actually sponsored by anyone though, plz send me money

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Can you please make another story with facesitting in it.

Thanks, I try

Nice stuff bro!

Good god, I would never dare!
Thanks for the follow!

Good job and fetishes, nothing seems too extreme to me, so long as you don't write anything particularly nasty like hoof-holding or nose boops.:fluttercry:

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