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Pony ballbusting artist and now also a writer. Living for the comments sake, so please leave a word!

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Thanks! I got a lot I'm waiting for my wrist to heal, but I got a lot of projects I'm looking forward to working on already. :twilightsmile:

Been really enjoying your stuff. Keep it up! Hope to see you post more soon. :twilightsmile:

Sorry late reply, life got in the way, but if i had to say...the one where discord kept getting busted, Naughty nuts and nettles, apple busting, the one with thorax and chrysalis and definetly the shining armour one and twilight where she has that book and tries multiple busting options with him. One i didnt like that much tbh though was your newest one. But that might just be me not really liking TOO masculine characters getting their balls busted. But eh thats just me.

Thank you! :raritystarry:
What stories have you liked the most? I love hearing feedback!

I love your stories! Though I won't lie, some interest me more than others hehe, you're just so brutal with balls its so hot.

  • Viewing 24 - 28 of 28
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