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I am Gnarl. Minion Master and devoted servant of darkness. Where the Light goes, Shadow follows... and Evil, always finds a way.

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I AM ALLIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!! · 5:30pm Feb 22nd, 2021

HELLLLLLLOOOOOOO to you all! I am back! :pinkiehappy: My computer is still broken but, and I'm embarrassed to say it took me this long :facehoof:, I remembered I had an older laptop that I just stopped using. So here I am.

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Then that's a subject I know nothing about, sadly. never had cable or any kind of steaming.

I understand. But the movie is optional, the group's main focus is on the show.

I watched the movie, maybe twice. I enjoyed it both time incredibly but I don't know enough about the lore or history to give an opinion on it. I barely remember the characters names. I am a fan of it though so if you really want me to I'll join if to expand my knowledge, but don't expect to many comments from me as I don't know much. :twilightsmile:

Oh, I understand. I thought you were a fellow fan.

  • Viewing 166 - 170 of 170
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