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"Capper's the name and charming is my game."

Any story involving our favorite fun loving cat are welcome. Join in, write, read and share the stories of Capper. Who is also my favorite character in the movie. And remember if someone is in need to take the lead, Capper is the friend you need!!!

Few things you should know about the group

1. Shippings are allowed :heart:

2. Clopfics are allowed :raritywink:

3. Be nice to one another :ajsmug:

4. No spams :applecry:

5. Post YOUR own work:duck:

6. Swearing is allowed but don't over do it :eeyup:

7. Stories must have Capper in it in some way. He doesn't need to be the main character but he must be involved with the plot.:scootangel:

8. No haters please. This is a FAN group after all. I didn't think this needed to be a rule but a few had proven me wrong. :facehoof:

9. Keep stories in only ONE folder please :pinkiesmile:

10. Have fun :twilightsmile:

Welcome to the group!!!!! :pinkiehappy: :pinkiesad2:

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I’m a CapperLight Fan for Capper Dapperpaws and Twilight Sparkle, it’s an honour to be here!

CAPper is the BEST

422421 I agree he is awesome 😎

I Like Capper He is the best one of them all in the Mlp Movie!

Thank you. Finally someone said it.

Did you seriously join the group just to troll? How pathetic. Also I know your statement is overly stupid, but I'll respond anyway: just because there are 10 members (now 28) doesn't mean only 10 people like Capper. The guy is the second most popular character from he movie (Tempest being #1) according to fan polls. So jokes on you.

Dam it u sexy feline bastard every time I get on fimfic I'm on my page doing crud and then my ass comes straight here F*CK!! I need some help:twilightblush::facehoof:

Comment posted by Bitbit deleted Nov 10th, 2017

420476 Tears of joy or disappointment? :twilightsheepish:

MJP #3 · Nov 4th, 2017 · · 4 ·

Ten fans like Capper

Sounds about right :trollestia:

I bet you could:rainbowlaugh:

but he must be involved with the plot.

Oh, I can easily do that ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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