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This is a group dedicated to the fanfiction "Ten Years Gone" by the author "Some Other Guy" as well as stories and discussions based on/or inspired by it.

For quite a few years there have been a large number of fans anxiously hoping for the return of the author and the continuation of the story.

And so I have decided to create a group dedicated to this story and any stories inspired by it After witnessing a seemingly never ending wave of support from its fans.

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The original was and still is a great story that I want to have more updates, but having it inspire other stories is also a good result.

I am late to the party.
Not only is your group giving hope to older fans that perhaps this great story can be continued, but I and other readers have found it for the first time as well.
Thanks, you made my Saturday morning fun.

I know this group is lacking in content. But it’s worth joining due to maybe a sliver of hope that someone of equal or greater writing talent will come along and be inspired. I wish to be part of the magic that follows

Well i do hope other authors will wrote out similar stories, maybe a bit closer origin plot. I loved the plot of the original, but the moment in the timeline was not the best as something i would picked.

Hope delivers on my expectations

Thanks for the invite.

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