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This is a group for stories, artwork, etc... with ponies that have augmented tails. This is basically when the ponies tail, whither naturally, magically or the result of a mutation is not a normal tail but something else. Like a venus flytrap, tentacle, sock puppet, slime, scorpion tail, robotic limb, etc...

Now to clarify there is also a term called Tailmouth, it should be noted that all Tailmouths are Augmented Tails but not all Augmented Tails are Tailmouths. If that makes sense.

While this seems to appear mostly in artwork, I am sure we could come up with some cool stories with these cool appendages. :pinkiehappy:

Now that you know what this group is about, here are the rules:

  • -Don't post anything pornographic in the group. You will be banned.:ajbemused:
  • -If you have a story that isn't safe for work, then you MUST put it in the Mature story folder (please keep NSFW stories in this folder and only this folder).
  • -Story Updates are allowed in our forums, so long as the story pertains to monster mares. Please reuse your original thread when providing updates on your story. Only bump your story threads if it receives a significant update (like a new chapter).
  • -Feel free to post questions and ideas in regards to augmented tails in the forums section. We will enjoy talking about them (just remember to keep it SFW). :scootangel:
  • -Be respectful of your fellow members.
  • -Don't annoy the admin(s).
  • -Have a good time.

I hope you all have fun in this group. :twilightsmile:

-This image can be found here.

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Can someone put some stories in here!?

Awesome thanks.

Fun fact the picture above meets almost all of the requirements for my scorpony race Sept it's got a unicorn horn

435142 Well, she doesn't have a normal pony tail (if I recall, she has a scorpion tail), so I could probably allow it. :pinkiehappy:

Would my oc viper belong here

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