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Hi, I'm just here to read stories.


I Made a New Group · 9:38pm May 20th, 2020

Just as the title says, I have made a new group. It’s called Mature Stories, Fetishes, and Clop and of course with this group being new as well as being the first time I have ever made a group, I would very much appreciate any help or suggestions for things such as rules folders and other such things. If you have any interest in helping me with this group, then please feel free to send me a message, but just

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Hewwo! Thank you so very much for the watch bud, really glad you think I'm somepony to follow:scootangel:

You’re welcome

Thanks for the watch.

Thanks for joining Gothic and Hardcore Ponies. If you know anyone who's be interested, send them a link when you can find the time.

I like art and I saw that you’re an artist and I like your art style.

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