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Final Chapter and Future Plans · 5:01pm Jul 14th, 2014

So that's it. With the tenth bonus chapter finished, A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing is finally done. It feels kind of bittersweet to actually mark this story as complete, but the only reason I feel that way is because of the absolutely phenomenal feedback it's received. I talked about it before when I finished the original twelve chapters, but it still amazes me to this day just how well received the story was. And I would not have had the motivation to continue writing it if it weren't for

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Loving Halfing so far 10/10 keep it up im just starting chp 12
Summoning The Noble Team Extraction Team is a go

Looks like you were spot on when describing baby changelings lol.

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing is my absolute story on here! Congrats on making such a great series!

Out of curiosity, would you have any interest in befriending me on here and reading my series? It'd be great if we both became fans of each other's work.

I really like your story of Pinkie at the culinary school. Is it just me or is there something special between Rainbow Dash and Pinkie despite the fact in that earlier scene she says she is not into mares? The scenes that they have together seem to hint at there being more and I could see Pinkie just not being interested in anybody else or that she has not realized that she may like Dash in a different yet.

Just curious if that is even possible or if I am just looking way to much into things.

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