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"Her crews are babes or madmen? Her port is all to make? You're manned by Truth and Science, and you steam for steaming's sake?" - Rudyard Kipling "The Three-Decker"


Good news, I'm alive! · 5:49am Jul 10th, 2019

So, at the time of my last blog I not only had cancer, but I was also suffering from pneumonia. This was the week after my first hospital visit, where they basically did a bunch of tests and gave me risky heart surgery because there was a sac full of fluid crushing it.

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I'm Watching You Because:

You said or did something interesting or funny somewhere, wrote something I liked, and/or you seem to be an interesting or cool person.

I'm actually really shy, have difficulty articulating myself at times, and dislike saying the same thing "(You seem interesting/cool") over and over again.

Hence, any inquiries about why you're being followed shall likely be met with goofy jokes, because indulging my bizarre sense of humor is actually far easier than explaining myself.

...That probably didn't help.

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Thanks for the follow. May I ask why?

Thanks for the watch! May I ask how you found me?

I like being told that I'm interesting/cool, but I apparently am not going to be getting told that, so I'm going to instead content myself by staring at you across the room in an attempt to make you uncomfortable. :rainbowkiss:

Thanks very much for the watch! I'm happy to imagine my own goofy joke, so no worries there. :twilightsmile:

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