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Fluttersertive 1.1 · 6:47pm Dec 13th, 2011

Hi Everypony,

Fluttersertive has been revised, as per the suggestions of the Equestria Daily Pre-readers. The story hasn`t changed much, and we like to think that it has been improved. Hope you Bronies enjoy the new version!

Pen Palomino

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Tumbleweeds everywhere...:applejackunsure:

Thing is, I just discovered Saddlesoap a few days ago and that's where I saw your name and thought "Huh. That rings a bell for some reason."

not that i know of :derpyderp2:

perhaps you have seen my name in one of saddlesoap opera's posts? he recently gave me a shoutout for doing some editing on his work.

It seems I've heard your name somewhere before, but yet Fluttersertive doesn't ring a bell. o: Do I perhaps know you from somewhere?

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