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How did you become a Brony?

Technically, I've been a Brony long before the term ever came up. Kind of against my will though. When I was wee little Carpetbagger, I was the only boy in an all girl daycare. They would vote on what videos to watch out of Carebears, Jem and the Holograms, and My Little Pony: G1. Guess what they always voted on?

Who's your favorite pony?

I'm pretty indecisive about this so my favorites kind of change depend on my mood. My first absolute favorite was Fluttershy. As of now, she's tied with Pinkie Pie and Trixie is somewhere in there with Big Macintosh. Or was it Vinyl and Sweetie Belle? See? I'm too indecisive.

What's your favorite episode?

I have to split this in seasons for obvious reasons. Season 1 has to be Cutie Mark Chronicles for it's deep story and filly Fluttershy. I swear I have diabetes now. Season 2 might be a shocker, but I liked Sweet and Elite. Rarity used to be my least favorite. (because she reminded me of my ex wife) Sisterhooves Social earned my respect for her, but Sweet and Elite sealed the deal.

What's your least favorite episode?

Over a Barrel has to be my least favorite. The story was kind of bland to begin with. What I really didn't like is that it replaced an episode that was meant to be a follow up to Fall Weather Friends where Applejack and Rainbow Dash find a pony raised by deer and they have to decide on whether they should tell him he's a pony or not. (Still waiting on someone to write a fanfic about it)

What's your favorite story you've written?

That would be Once a Crusader... It was the second MLP fanfic I ever wrote and what I consider my best work. If you haven't read it yet, take a look.

Will you write clop? (Please?)

Maybe one day. I'll have to do quite a bit of "research" to get in the right frame of mind.

What kind of thought process do you go through coming up with story ideas?

First and foremost, I aim for originality. Whether it's from an interesting headcanon or a concept that hasn't been explored thoroughly as it could be, I try to bring something new to the table. Even if it's something that doesn't seem original, you can expect me to put my own interesting spin to separate the story from others.

What do you do outside of MLP stuff?

I used to be really, really into gaming. But I've lost interest recently. If I do play anything, it's usually Torchlight II, or the Wii with my sons. I'm also a big football nut and I'm trying to get back into drawing again after 10+ years.

Any future stories you want to share?

I'm working on a spinoff to Lunar Liability and setting up for something else that takes place in the canon of the story. It's kind of what's been taking me so long to update. I can't say too much now, but when it hits, you'll appreciate the long wait.

Why Carpetbagger?

I get this a lot. (A lot more than I should) When I first joined the site, I tried at least 20 something different user names. Eventually, I tried Carpetbagger and it wasn't used. It was meant to be an account just to comment on stories and save my favorites. I never intended on writing anything, let alone actually having a cult following.

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2292462 He deserves at least another 2 moustaches :moustache::moustache:

Your pic is the best I've ever seen on this site. GG. Have a moustache :moustache:

Hey are you still working on Inappropriate?

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