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Let's face it, Fluttershy has probably seen it all. Ferocious manticores, mischievous cockatrice, defiant dragons, Nightmare Moon, assertive minotaurs, and even the god of chaos himself fell victim to the adorable pegasus. Little does she know that her next, and most dangerous challenge is right around the corner... a visit from her past that will put her patience to the test.

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Dedicated to my own two little ponies. The best part of being a parent is the awkwardness.

"Let's face it, Flutterhsy has probably seen it all."
> Flutterhsy

I don't know if i should :rainbowlaugh: or :facehoof:
I'll do both.

Fluttershy a stoner? It makes a strange sort of sense when you think about it... well, as much sense as you can get in a psychadelic cartoon about technicolour sentient magical equines.

Apart from some of the more adult humour, this could easily be an episode of the show! Not a bad bit or work at all!

Lady Posy is an earth pony, not a pegasus.

I know, but I based the idea off of Cartoonlion's fanart. Yeah, I know Sunburst was an earth pony too, but there weren't any male pegasus in G1.

Well, "Anansi" sure sounds more interesting than "Aunt Nancy."

Oh it'll be interesting... I hope. I spent the past 3 months studying African tribes, poetry for Zecora, and begged my aunt to teach me some Swahili.

Well, I laughed at the Fung-Shay arrangement of Fluttershy's furniture and the thought of her and Angel Bunny being on the weed. The bit with dealing with her parents? Eh, not so much passive-aggressive as it was a satisfying resolution. Some parents can be so annoying and make you want to die of embarrassment, but yelling at them and telling them they're brain-dead has-beens won't stop you from being a jackass. :moustache: At all.

So, let me guess: Pinkie is a demi-goddess :pinkiehappy: (Sweet Celestia, I'm starting to sound like Zecora!) :pinkiecrazy:

Hah! I knew Flutters was a hippie!
Excellent story, laughed a bunch of times. Really dug the family dynamic and thinking Rainbow was a stallion was icing on the cake.

Also liked the insights into the others G1 parents.

Surprised this story doesn't have more views. Up voting.

Oh my snap-fu...
This will not end well for those two.

correct me if im wrong but a sextant is used for sea travel right? so why bring it in the everfree forest?

Also, switch to soy milk? What is she lactose intolerant or something?

Lactose intolerant and farts in her sleep.

So laaate... But sorta. Sextant are primarily used during sea travel, yes, but their actual *use* is navigation through measuring celestial objects. So long as you can see the night sky, a sextant is still useful. In a forest, a map and a compass would be far more useful (especially since night seems pretty fluid in Equestria...), but, you know, Twilight.

The vase was a long slender blue smoked glass tube, stretching out from a round funnel at the base. Sticking out from the base was a short metal tube that had a tiny flower placed in it.

You know it actually makes sense that Flutters smokes weed
She loves nature :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah, I can't like this story. The whole "Fluttershy being in the wrong" thing just completely ruined it for me. My parents pulled that kind of shit with me there would be bloodshed, if my grandparents had pulled that kind of shit with my parents.... bloodshed. Fluttershy went easy on them but she is in the wrong? I'm sorry but, no. Just... No.:facehoof:

excellent use of innuendo.

I love this story. It's both cute and funny. There are a few spelling errors, but otherwise it's great! :yay:

This has LOLz and Feels. What's not to like about it? Approved for Twilight's Library :rainbowkiss:

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