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The real fics are the friends we made along the way


Happy Hearth's Warming Everypony!! · 7:42am Dec 25th, 2018

I noticed I have some followers, for whatever reason. So I decided to wish to all four of you,

Merry Chrismas, Black Thinking outside of the box Blood!
Happy Holidays, Magnus Orion! May you keep doing nothing
Joyful Festivities, Willight "SSJ2PinkiePie" Robinbine!
Divine Darlingdays RatityEQM! Spread the fabulosity

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Thanks! Sombra avatars aren’t super common, sadly.

Why thank you, your avatar is pretty swell too

You have a fine avatar. Not sure if I've told you before, but you need to hear it.

I just published it yesterday, calm down :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks! The story is just divine, and deserves all those spots

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